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David Klein Set F3B Record Flying the SD-10G Radio!

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David Klein – Team Airtronics Member –  Sets Record.

Radio of Choice? -SD-10G

David Klein F3B Record Holder, with Freestyler 4 and Airtronics SD-10G Radio

David Klein F3B Record Holder, with Freestyler 4 and Airtronics SD-10G Radio

From David:

I thought I would shoot you a quick summary from the weekend. It was insane.

This was the third year for the Gator F3B contest held in Cocoa Florida March 1st-3rd. It was the second year in a row that it was the first contest of the world cup series. Attendance was up this year, with teams from Germany and Chile, as well as the US F3B team; 23 pilots total. All of our practice paid off as the US team did well flying distance, and I was lucky enough to finish first after 6 full rounds and an additional speed round. Other highlights included smashing the previous world record for F3B speed set by Pasi Väisänen in June 2008 of 12.68 seconds. I set the new record with a 11.90 second flight with my Freestyler 4 outfitted with 6x 94761 servos and a 10 channel FHSS-3 receiver. Dillon Graves won the sportsman classification of the event flying my old Freestyler 4.

So a big win and a new World Record for Team Airtronics

Thank you guys for all of the support!

David Klein

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Ed Franz – AMA Nats Winner and Active Sailplane Competitor!

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Ed Franz Competing with his Airtronics SD-10G

Ed Franz Competing with his Airtronics SD-10G

1st Place - Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

1st Place – Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

1st Place - Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

Winners! 1/2A Sailplane

Ed Franz is one of the most active Team Airtronics sailplane pilots.

At the AMA Nats for 2012, he only had a few things to do:

-Event Director

-News letter writer


-Oh yea, and pilot.

In Ed’s words: “You think I would learn to say no….”

It would appear all that hard work and dedication to our hobby did not deter him from some great competitive flying. As it turns out Ed is darn competitive with any sailplane that has a motor of some sort in the nose.  I think his competitors think of him as a force to be reckoned with!

1/2A Sailplane:  1st
ALES: 9th
Class B LMR: 4th

His accomplishments and leadership are what makes us proud to have Ed on Team Airtronics. It’s one thing to win a contest (certainly nothing wrong with that!). However, it’s quite another to promote the hobby, support events like the NATS and organizations like LSF and AMA and still find time to compete with our SD-10G radio.

In terms of the equipment used, Ed had this to say about being on Team Airtornics AND flying the SD-10G radio:

“It is so nice to fly a radio that you NEVER have to worry about. I flew as far away as I ever have and never worried that I would go out of range, never worried about the transmitter not linking to the plane on power up. Thanks Airtronics for a GREAT radio!
– Ed”

I’m adding to this post. It seems Ed was flying a Hobby Club Reichard HC-MAXX. We got a lot of inquiry about the plane he flew!

Ed Franz was flying the Hobby Club Reichard HC-Maxx with his SD-10G to win the 1/2 Sailplane class.


Ken Perkins and His Claude

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This is no clod-hopper! This absolute beauty is built by Airtronics Team Member Ken Perkins. Truly a work of art in our opinion. The detail, the scale lines, and the overall authenticity are truly impressive. Ken is a master builder and all-around GREAT guy. We’re proud of his wins and accomplishments and proud to have him on the team! You can find Ken at most One Eighth Air Force events in Arizona and usually a few Scale Squadron events here in So- CA.

Ken Perkins and his Commander's Award

Ken Perkins and his Commander's Award

Award Winning!

She's a Beauty!

Ken Perkin's Claude

Philbricks Out Flying This Season

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Just received two great messages from the Philbricks, one of the many Family Teams at Airtronics!

(Note, to see all the photos, click here: Philbrick Photos)

First, from Whitney:

My 1/3 scale Balsa USA N28 is nearing completion. 35lbs or so, 108″ WingSpan, Power is an RCS 150cc 4s gas radial, and of course, SD-10G, twin receivers with three A123 packs (2 radio, one engine) by NoBS Batteries.
We displayed it at the Warbirds over Long Island event last week and hope to have it flying in the next few months. Lots of little nits to finish, but the end is in sight!
Whitney with his N28
And then a few days later, we received this update from the Famous Flying Philbricks:
We Philbricks had a good day today.

Amy Philbrick with her Daughter and Her Big NE1

Amy Philbrick with her Daughter and Her Big NE1

We took Amy’s NE-1 to our field and test flew it. This is a plane we got used  for $50. We stripped and repaired and recovered and painted it, installed a new engine, cowl, windscreen and windows along with the new SD-10G. Not sure the old owner will believe us when he sees it.
It is a 1/4 scale Sig J-3, covered with Solartex, including the pinked tapes, weighted about 16.5 lbs on takeoff and has a Zenoah 20 EI.
It flew very well and will be at Warbirds over Delaware in a few weeks.
Jane said in her wonderful 2 yr old voice “well done Mommy” when Amy landed the NE-1 on the first flight. A nice day.
Photos By John Philbrick