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Update from Kyle Paulson

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Team Captains just received this from Kyle Paulson. We congratulate Kyle on his success. But also, we think his comments say a lot about why SD-10G owners are so happy with the equipment

From Kyle:


The SD-10G continues to work perfectly and amazes me and my friends. Speaking of which, many have converted from the dark side, sold of their other radios to buy the 10G. One friend, a sponsored J-brand  pilot, (not sponsored by them any longer although he is still on good terms with them) sold off his top-of-the-line-X-radio to pay full price for a 10G knowing it was more capable and far more trustworthy and reliable! Pretty cool yes? I can’t count all my other friends that have made the switch and are VERY happy they did. I have helped some of them with their initial set-up and even emailed my file to some. They have been very appreciative and amazed at how easy it has been to wrap their minds around the 10G. One guy in particular had an Evo for the last 3 years and never had it completely figured out. He’s had the 10G for 2 months and told me the other day he feels completely confident to do “anything” he needs to do in setting up a model and “never” felt they way in the 3 years he used the Evo. I have more friends either waiting for some spare cash or are taking the step in the near future to get the 10G. From my perspective… the SD-10G is a home run! Wow!

2010 Competition results thus far:


SCSR Race #1 –   1st Place

SCSR Race #3 –   2nd Place

SCSR Race #4 –   1st Place

SCSR Race #6 –   1st Place

(Had to miss races 2 and 5)


Cal Valley #1 –    1st Place

Cal Valley #2 –    1st Place


F3J In The Desert AZ –    2nd Place

Plans for the future:

I am very focused on The F3B Team Selects which is scheduled for the fall. This is my top priority, to make the team and go to China for the World Championships. I will continue to race F3F looking to win the point series. That will take two more victories which is well within reach. I will go to the next 6 events if my schedule allows. After the Team Selects I plan to take a break from the Slope and F3B to do some Hand Launch and Thermal Competitions. Really looking forward to that too.

As always thank you for your support and confidence in trusting that I would represent the brand well! I love my equipment!

Kyle Paulson

Airtronics Team Pilot


Gavin Wins

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I’m a little late getting this posted.

SD-10G continues to be the Choice of Champions.

After 24 rounds of DLG Gavin Trussel came out on top  in St. Louis.

Gavin Wins!


Montague Cross Country Challenge – ATX 1 and 2

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This just in from Bob McGowen

I’m just back from the Montague Cross Country Challenge.  This is now the biggest and most prestigious Cross Country (XC) RC sailplane race in the country.  Three days of racing just north of Mount Shasta in beautiful Northern California.  I teamed with Greg Norsworthy and Mike Palrang.  Attached is a picture of our Team Captain, Greg, who deserves full credit for leading us to the win due to his skill and experience in this aspect of the sport.  We flew his original design 160” span XC sailplane which can be seen in both pictures I have attached.  We completed the assigned course each day in a single launch and racked up a combined total of over 150 miles in the air for the 3 days of competition.  Our peak altitude was approximately 5,500 feet.  The second place team was lead by John Ellias, Greg’s arch rival, who also completed all courses, only slightly slower than us on two of the three days.  You’ll be proud to know that both of these top two teams flew with Aitronics radio equipment (one SD10G and one Stylus).

Best Regards,

Bob McGowan

Texas Scale Champion

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Team Pilot, Lee Rice just sent this in. Congrats to Lee and Doug Crumley!

-JUNE 2010

Lee Rice Wins Texas Scale Championships with SD-10G Radio

Lee Rice and Winning Corsair - Flying the SD-10G

I won the Expert class for the Scale Master Qualifier and the Texas Scale Champion

Flew my Corsair, using the SD-10G

Doug Crumley, Another Airtronics Pilot flew in Fun Scale and Placed 3rd using the SD-10G

Thanks for all the support

Lee Rice

More Pics:

Philbricks Out Flying This Season

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Just received two great messages from the Philbricks, one of the many Family Teams at Airtronics!

(Note, to see all the photos, click here: Philbrick Photos)

First, from Whitney:

My 1/3 scale Balsa USA N28 is nearing completion. 35lbs or so, 108″ WingSpan, Power is an RCS 150cc 4s gas radial, and of course, SD-10G, twin receivers with three A123 packs (2 radio, one engine) by NoBS Batteries.
We displayed it at the Warbirds over Long Island event last week and hope to have it flying in the next few months. Lots of little nits to finish, but the end is in sight!
Whitney with his N28
And then a few days later, we received this update from the Famous Flying Philbricks:
We Philbricks had a good day today.

Amy Philbrick with her Daughter and Her Big NE1

Amy Philbrick with her Daughter and Her Big NE1

We took Amy’s NE-1 to our field and test flew it. This is a plane we got used  for $50. We stripped and repaired and recovered and painted it, installed a new engine, cowl, windscreen and windows along with the new SD-10G. Not sure the old owner will believe us when he sees it.
It is a 1/4 scale Sig J-3, covered with Solartex, including the pinked tapes, weighted about 16.5 lbs on takeoff and has a Zenoah 20 EI.
It flew very well and will be at Warbirds over Delaware in a few weeks.
Jane said in her wonderful 2 yr old voice “well done Mommy” when Amy landed the NE-1 on the first flight. A nice day.
Photos By John Philbrick

Contest Report – NSRCA Dist 4 vs. 5 Shootout

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This just in from Mark Atwood

Mark Calling for his Son Sean - Team Atwood

This past weekend was the annual NSRCA District 4 vs District 5 “Shootout” pattern contest held in Muncie at the AMA national modeling site.   This has always been a great contest and is typically well attended as it serves as a great Nats warmup.    Turnout this year was down due to several factors including a poor weather forecast and of course the economy.  24 pilots were in attendance with the most notable point being 9…count ‘em 9 pilots in intermediate!   This is a GREAT thing for pattern.    In the past this event was dominated by a large class of masters pilots, so it was refreshing to see so much fresh talent coming up through the ranks.

As an Airtronics team member, I was also very pleasantly surprised to see 9 pilots sporting Airtronics 2.4 radios!!   Eight of them SD10G’s and one RDS8000.  The remainder was of course a mix of 4 other brands.  This says a lot about the inroads that ATX’s new 2.4 system have made in just 2 short years.

The contest was well run by Dave Johnstone and Bobby Satalino, VP’s from D4 and D5 respectively.  The weather…  well the weather was challenging.  Saturday started out sunny and clear, but by noon time was threatening to storm.  Canopy tents were staked down and tie wrapped to the fencing in preparation for wind and rain (see photo).   Alas, we had no idea what was coming.

Early afternoon was greeted by a violent thunderstorm that caught us all off guard.  Strong violent wind and driving rain sent tents, chairs, and unfortunately, airplanes flying.    30-45min later, 24 soaked to the bone pilots gathered from trying to protect the planes and equipment to assess the damage.  Unbelievably, only 1 airplane was damaged, and that was due to accidental “kicking” of an aileron and stripping the servo gear in the tightly packed shelter.  Though several planes were hit by flying chairs, and one was blown off a table, none suffered any but minor cosmetic damage.   The canopy tents were not so fortunate.   A mangled mess of EZ-UP frames littered the pits area where 4 of the frames were completely destroyed.   After about an hour of clean up, clothes changing and generally drying out, the contest continued and we were able to successfully complete 4 rounds prior to ending the day.

Even early in the season, the flying was excellent.  Mike Klein was in Nat’s ready form flying P11 in FAI, and Anthony Abdullah had his first big win in Advanced (using an SD10 I might add!).

That evening we all had a treat as Bob Pannell (form Masters pilot) drove up from Cincinnati and brought his giant scale UPS DC-10!  This is an all electric jet weighing 38lbs with almost 40lbs of thrust from 14s2p lipo packs.  I’ve attached a photo of Bob assembling the plane, but you can find video of it in flight on YouTube.  To say it was impressive doesn’t begin to do it justice.  22 servos work custom modified retracts, and scale wing surfaces (inner/outer ailerons, trailing edge flaps, leading edge flaps, spoilers).  An amazing bit of modeling.

Bob Pannell from Cincinnati Readies his UPS DC-10 for Flight.

Sunday we were greeted by excessively high winds and overcast “stormy” skies.  Still reeling from the prior days exposure to the element, the contest was called complete, awards were distributed, and most importantly D5 BOWED to the conquering D4!

Mark Atwood calling for Mike Klein

Tent City, just before the Storm

Next up… We all travel to D5 territory… Chicago!

Team Airtronics Wins Big

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At the Jerry Ortego Memorial Scale Fun Fly 2010, sponsored by the Scale Squadron of So. CA, Team Airtronics and some other Airtronics pilots took home top awards!

1st Place, Best Jet

Chris Wolfe from Jet Hangar Hobbies with his BIG EDF Mirage with After-burning (he calls it the bling-ring.. it’s ultra-bright LED’s that light up at full throttle!) – Radio: SD-10G

Larry Wolfe from Jet Hangar Hobbies  flying the ASM B17G brought home 1st place for Most Realistic Scale Flight and 3rd Place People’s Choice Awards. (Look for a video of this airplane soon!) – Radio: SD-10G

David Lloyd (not a Sponsored Pilot) from the Victor Valley Flyers Club (Their field is up in Hesperia) brought home the Best Civilian Aircraft with his Scratch Built Giant Scale Curtiss Robin. Beautiful Flyer! Gentle and Realistic in the air. – Radio: SD-10G

Missed one: (Sorry)

Tim Cardin took home 2nd for Best Civilian Aircraft.. Radio of choice? Yep, you guessed it. SD-10G

(If I missed anyone else, sorry those were the only award winning pilots I was sure of..)

Thank you to Scale Squadron for a great event, the PVMC for the use of the field (Prado is a GREAT place to fly), to all the pilots who chose Airtronics (there were a LOT of you!), and to everyone involved. The event was Spectacular, the flying outstanding, and the models were ALL beauties. What a great way to spend a weekend!

Check it out next year too!