Flyer Profiles

Dan Egelhoff, CA – Dan has been in the Hobby since 1961 and sponsored by Airtronics since 1991! Large Scale racing is Dan’s primary interest but he truly enjoys Scale competition as well. He encourages new comers to the hobby t both mentoring and staging hobby events (both plane and car) And yet, Dan still finds time to compete in USRA Racing and Scale Masters.  You’ll see him at many events around the country, but his home field is Rabbit Dry Lake!

Daryl Perkins, Lake Havasu City, AZ – Daryl is a Soaring World Champion, a true competitor, and a great representative for Airtronics. Daryl has been active in the hobby for a very long time and has been active in the US Soaring Team since 1990 which was followed by a 2nd place finish at the World Championships (the first year he qualified). To this day, Daryl finds himself continuing to stand on the podium at most events he flies and is recognized as one of the absolute best soaring pilots on the planet. In Turkey, 2008 Daryl flew to a 6th place finish at the F3J World Champs. You’ll find him at the Southwest Classic, the F3J in the Rockies, the AMA Nats, the US Team Selections again for the World Competition team, at Soaring Masters, and in Visalia. Daryl’s always been helpful, friendly, and just like everyone on the Team, a great ambassador for Airtronics. Daryl just gets to do it internationally!

Ed Franz, Burlington, KY – Ed has been in the hobby for 40 years and has been flying R/C for 25. Today, Ed is a competition sailplane pilot as well as an electric enthusiast flying everything from indoor 3D to helicopters. Ed is a level 4 pilot in LSF and continues to contribute to the hobby doing everything from Contest Directing to test flying.  See Ed featured in this AMA Nats video: AMA Nats

Mike Greenshields, Fountain Valley, CA – Mike is a life-long 2nd generation modeler. He started flying at the age of 6, raced R/C cars when he was 11, and grew up in the industry working at Hobby Shack. Today Mike continues in the hobby industry as the Project Manager for Hobby People/Global Hobby Distributors and as the Team Manager for Airtronics. While Mike’s experience has touched all facets of the hobby, his main interests remain in small aircraft, electrics, and sport aviation. To Mike, spending a day at the field simply enjoying the hobby with friends and teaching new pilots to fly is the most rewarding part of the hobby. Because of his job, Mike has also had the priviledge to fly on 3 continents in 7 countries, an experience he’ll never forget. Modelers everywhere are the same. They have a passion for the hobby, find excitement and fun in R/C, and know that the worst day flying is better than the best day working, every time.

Ron Lockhart, Galloway, NJ – Ron is a long-time avid modeler who obviously has a passion for Pattern Aircraft Competition. As most RC flyers do, Ron’s interests do not stop there. Ron has been involved with most facets of RC and Control-Line Aircraft and flies Glow and Electric and flies indoor too.  Ron started with the Team in about 1989 and his first Airtronics competition radio was the legendary Vision. Today Ron’s own Vision of RC is shared through his work with the AMA Aerobatics Contest Board for District II. Ron’s home field is the Atlantic County SkyBlazers, AMA Club 409 (started in 1943!), Mays Landing New Jersey.


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