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Jeff’s New A-10

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Jeff Tolomeo just sent in this picture of his new A10 he’ll be flying for the 2013 season here in So CA. It’s a Fly Eagle A10, 92″ wing. It will be powered with twin K80 Turbines.

Radio of course: SD-10G with all Digital performance servos like the 94780 and 94820.

Look for Jeff to be flying this big impressive bird everywhere this year!

Jeff's new Fly Eagle A10 Flown with the SD-10G

Jeff’s new Fly Eagle A10 Flown with the SD-10G


Congrats to 2013 F3B Team Members!

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2013 F3B Team USA

2013 F3B Team USA


This just in from David Klein, experienced Team Airtronics Member:

“Mike and Craig,

I wanted to take the time to thank you yet again for all the support. Last month I was able to make the US FAI Team for the F3B World Championships held near Dresden Germany in August 2013. I had to come from way behind after having a rough start (the worst ever) on the first day of the competition. In the end, all of the practice paid off, and I was able to coast into the third place team position on the final day. My equipment is never a concern, it always performs flawlessly. I am also proud to say that for the second consecutive US F3B team, all three team pilots will be using SD-10G transmitters.

Thank You again for all of the support,
David Klein”

For more info about the 2013 F3B team, Click Here

The Paulsons Team Building

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Team Airtronics is proud to have the Paulsons on the team, representing Airtronics in competitive slope racing and representing the USA in FAI competition.

This is a GREAT local article about their success and passion for the hobby.

Click here:

‘Westlake Family Soaring Past the Competition’