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David Klein Set F3B Record Flying the SD-10G Radio!

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David Klein – Team Airtronics Member –  Sets Record.

Radio of Choice? -SD-10G

David Klein F3B Record Holder, with Freestyler 4 and Airtronics SD-10G Radio

David Klein F3B Record Holder, with Freestyler 4 and Airtronics SD-10G Radio

From David:

I thought I would shoot you a quick summary from the weekend. It was insane.

This was the third year for the Gator F3B contest held in Cocoa Florida March 1st-3rd. It was the second year in a row that it was the first contest of the world cup series. Attendance was up this year, with teams from Germany and Chile, as well as the US F3B team; 23 pilots total. All of our practice paid off as the US team did well flying distance, and I was lucky enough to finish first after 6 full rounds and an additional speed round. Other highlights included smashing the previous world record for F3B speed set by Pasi Väisänen in June 2008 of 12.68 seconds. I set the new record with a 11.90 second flight with my Freestyler 4 outfitted with 6x 94761 servos and a 10 channel FHSS-3 receiver. Dillon Graves won the sportsman classification of the event flying my old Freestyler 4.

So a big win and a new World Record for Team Airtronics

Thank you guys for all of the support!

David Klein

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Father Son Team going to the World Championships!

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Kyle Paulson and his son Kyler are heading off to the first ever F3F World Championships this fall in Germany. Kyle and his son Kyler have been racing F3F together for quite a long tim now and they are part of the 2012 US F3F Team. Kyler made the team as the Junior Pilot. Kyler competes with the men… the men! He is fast and has a great chance of winning the junior division at the Worlds.


Kyler is very excited as he is now a Airtronics Team Pilot looking forward to a great adventure in Germany with his dad. Kyle and Kyler are two peas in a pod and love flying RC together. Wish them luck at the WC!

Team USA F3J Selected, All are flying SD-10G’s

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This just in from Bob McGowan

Hi Mike,

We just had our F3J soaring team selection event in Florida and you’ll be happy to hear that all of the pilots that made the USA senior team flew the Airtronics SD10G. That is Cody Remington, Tom Kiesling, and myself. I’m looking forward to representing the USA in South Africa next summer.

Best Regards,

Bob McGowan

Congrats Team USA F3B – Silver Team Finish

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This just in from David Klein:

Mike Greenshields and Airtronics USA,

I wanted to take the time to formally thank the entire Airtronics family. The support that the 2011 US F3B team received from Airtronics USA, and all of the staff that make up the ATX family was really above and beyond. We traveled to Laiwu, China on September 15th, and prepared to compete with the rest of the world from September 23rd through the 28th. We blogged every day of travel on our website, posting pictures and reports daily. Blogging directly to our website ensured that those following our progress would be continually exposed to our sponsors banners, Airtronics being #1.

Attached are some images of all three team pilots using their SD-10Gs. …

The US team won a silver medal for the team score with Kyle Paulson placing 4th, David Klein placing 6th, and Thomas Kiesling placing 8th all using SD-10Gs. I couldn’t be more appreciative of being part of the Airtronics team.

Thank you again for all of your support. It really makes me proud to be part of the family,

SD-10G WINS USA F3J Team Trials

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In a shockingly close contest, the SD-10G places 1st and 2nd at this years F3J Team Trials. Cody Remington took top honors followed incredibly closely in 2nd place by Daryl Perkins. Daryl is a mulit-time F3J World Champion, Cody won the Worlds in  the Junior Category in 2006. Their radio of choice? AIRTRONICS SD-10G of course!

Congratulations to the F3J USA TEAM!!!

Cody Remington, Daryl Perkins, and Richard Burnoski

At the Worlds next year, Team USA will be the Team to beat!

At the Team Trials (they had a GREAT turnout!) Skip Miller Models had an entire Team competing! Look at all those SD-10G radios! Miller  – Remington – Verzuh – Lewan

F3J Team Trials - SD-10G the new radio of choice!

F3J Team Trials - SD-10G the new radio of choice!