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Fast.. Faster.. FASTEST

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When we released the RDS8000, I was proud. Airtronics had made a HUGE 1st step into aircraft 2.4GHz radios with FHSS technology that has great range, affordable equipment, nice programming, and respectable latency. Since then Sanwa Engineers made the M11X the Faster than any previous car radio with FHSS-3 and now has the absolute fastest 2.4GHz car equipment on the market with SSR. (More on that soon, btw).

In the midst of this Airtronics made the SD-10G and utilized FHSS-3 2.4GHz technology. Our measurements which we published showed just how fast the radio is. Of course they are numbers we published so some simply didn’t believe us. I understand.. it’s good to question scientific claims made by makers. In using the radio people agree the SD-10G is a very powerful radio that is being used successfully by competitors all over the country. It is the radio of the F3J team this year too. All three of the men’s team are using it (go Team USA!).

However with all of that, it’s still our word over others.. Today that changed. Jkos a reviewer famous for accurate latency measurements has just published latency results for the SD-10g


SD-10G is the fastest 2.4GHz radio updating all 10 channels in every packet, repeating the signal twice in every update update (improves servo holding power). So, you don’t have to believe Airtronics published numbers anymore. Check out these tested numbers.

Airtronics truth in advertising rings true once again. We publish accurate numbers. You can trust Airtronics.

It is times like these that remind me of just how great it is to work with a company that works so hard and is so honest, and so technologically advanced.