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Trophy Pics! Ryan Sweeps Nats with his M12

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Thought you all might like to see Ryan and his cars and trophies from his 3 race sweep at the Nats this week!

Photos Courtesy of Joel Navarro and RC Car Action, AirAge Media


F3J Competition 2012 – Team South Africa

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F3J Team SA 2012

F3J Team SA 2012


Congrats to the SA F3J Jr Team!

We’re proud to have so many top pilots from around the world choosing the SD-10G!



Message from SA Team Member, Craig Goodrum:

Hello Craig (Airtronics Team Manager)
Please find attached a picture of the South African F3J team. Our junior team took Silver at the 2012 WC, all were flying with the SD10G and the models were fitted out with 94809 and 94761 Airtronics servos. Without the support from Airtronics this achievement would never have been possible.
Thank you for your support

Congrats Ryan Cavalieri and the new M12 Radio!

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This just in! Team Airtronics driver Ryan Cavalieri swept 1/10th Off Road Nats today with back to back to back wins

Airtronics M12 Car Radio

4WD Buggy

2WD Buggy

2WD Truck

According to Team Airtronics Captain Craig Kaplan, Ryan Cavalieri was running the brand new M12 and it worked “FLAWLESSLY!” Ryan has been running the radio for less than a month and is already feeling the advantage of the speed and accuracy only the M12 provides with it’s .95ms overall latency. The new M12, due to be released in less than 30 days, made a big technology jump with its virtual instant response making it 4 times faster than the next fastest radio available today, the Airtronics M11X.

The M12 is THE new ROAR National Champion radio.

Get Airtronics and Get the Advantage. Ryan Cavalieri did!

Congratulations to Ryan and the entire Team Airtronics Family

Ed Franz – AMA Nats Winner and Active Sailplane Competitor!

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Ed Franz Competing with his Airtronics SD-10G

Ed Franz Competing with his Airtronics SD-10G

1st Place - Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

1st Place – Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

1st Place - Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

Winners! 1/2A Sailplane

Ed Franz is one of the most active Team Airtronics sailplane pilots.

At the AMA Nats for 2012, he only had a few things to do:

-Event Director

-News letter writer


-Oh yea, and pilot.

In Ed’s words: “You think I would learn to say no….”

It would appear all that hard work and dedication to our hobby did not deter him from some great competitive flying. As it turns out Ed is darn competitive with any sailplane that has a motor of some sort in the nose.  I think his competitors think of him as a force to be reckoned with!

1/2A Sailplane:  1st
ALES: 9th
Class B LMR: 4th

His accomplishments and leadership are what makes us proud to have Ed on Team Airtronics. It’s one thing to win a contest (certainly nothing wrong with that!). However, it’s quite another to promote the hobby, support events like the NATS and organizations like LSF and AMA and still find time to compete with our SD-10G radio.

In terms of the equipment used, Ed had this to say about being on Team Airtornics AND flying the SD-10G radio:

“It is so nice to fly a radio that you NEVER have to worry about. I flew as far away as I ever have and never worried that I would go out of range, never worried about the transmitter not linking to the plane on power up. Thanks Airtronics for a GREAT radio!
– Ed”

I’m adding to this post. It seems Ed was flying a Hobby Club Reichard HC-MAXX. We got a lot of inquiry about the plane he flew!

Ed Franz was flying the Hobby Club Reichard HC-Maxx with his SD-10G to win the 1/2 Sailplane class.