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Team Airtronics Member Larry Wolfe to be Inducted Into the AMA Hall of Fame

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Life Long Modeler, Owner of Jet Hangar Hobbies, Scale Squadron Member Larry Wolfe to be Inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame!

If you are a local modeler, you probably know Larry Wolfe! If you’re into Scale Jets, you probably know about his company, Jet Hangar Hobbies!

Monday, Sept 9 Larry Wolfe is to be inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame! Come out and support Larry at this truly special AMA event, hosted by the Scale Squadron of Southern California! 7 pm 17250 Los Jardines West (Green River Adult Clubhouse), Fountain Valley, CA! If you can’t come, be sure to congratulate Larry the next time you see him out at the flying field!

Congratulations Larry!


Ed Franz – AMA Nats Winner and Active Sailplane Competitor!

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Ed Franz Competing with his Airtronics SD-10G

Ed Franz Competing with his Airtronics SD-10G

1st Place - Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

1st Place – Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

1st Place - Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

Winners! 1/2A Sailplane

Ed Franz is one of the most active Team Airtronics sailplane pilots.

At the AMA Nats for 2012, he only had a few things to do:

-Event Director

-News letter writer


-Oh yea, and pilot.

In Ed’s words: “You think I would learn to say no….”

It would appear all that hard work and dedication to our hobby did not deter him from some great competitive flying. As it turns out Ed is darn competitive with any sailplane that has a motor of some sort in the nose.  I think his competitors think of him as a force to be reckoned with!

1/2A Sailplane:  1st
ALES: 9th
Class B LMR: 4th

His accomplishments and leadership are what makes us proud to have Ed on Team Airtronics. It’s one thing to win a contest (certainly nothing wrong with that!). However, it’s quite another to promote the hobby, support events like the NATS and organizations like LSF and AMA and still find time to compete with our SD-10G radio.

In terms of the equipment used, Ed had this to say about being on Team Airtornics AND flying the SD-10G radio:

“It is so nice to fly a radio that you NEVER have to worry about. I flew as far away as I ever have and never worried that I would go out of range, never worried about the transmitter not linking to the plane on power up. Thanks Airtronics for a GREAT radio!
– Ed”

I’m adding to this post. It seems Ed was flying a Hobby Club Reichard HC-MAXX. We got a lot of inquiry about the plane he flew!

Ed Franz was flying the Hobby Club Reichard HC-Maxx with his SD-10G to win the 1/2 Sailplane class.


Skip Miller and Airtronics Win Cross Country Nats

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Airtronics and Skip Miller win National Championship in cross country race. Set new national record of 70.1, miles 6 hour 15 min flight one launch . 1st day went 55 miles accumulated 125 miles. Second place was 48 miles accumulated (10 1st 38 second. Airtronics trounced the competition


Skip Miller with his Cross Country Team and Airtronics SD10G

Skip Miller with his Cross Country Team and Airtronics SD10G

AMA Nats

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Ed Franz and Don Richmond at the E-Nats

The Team likes to win. It is true. We are fortunate to have on Team Airtronics some of the most competitive flyers and drivers in the world today. However, Team Airtronics is about so much more than winning a contest. Our true focus is to promote the hobby for fun and competition.


One of those dedicated hobbyists is our own Ed Franz. Ed is modeler through and through. Last month at the AMA Nationals, Ed competed. But more than that he volunteered, providing his own leadership and organization skills to help his fellow modelers enjoy a fun and fair event.


Ed volunteered, competed, and even helped keep his fellow modelers informed about the event. Thank YOU to ED and everyone like him who volunteer at events from Fun Fly’s to the NATS across the country!


This is from Ed:

Hi Mike,


I survived E-Nats this year! Being the event director, Nats News reporter and photographer took its toll on me. We flew in a 115 heat index every day. I am glad to be home.

My personal results:

ALES: 5th place

28mm: 4th place

Class A: 5th place

Class B: 2nd place


Long week, but fun now that I look back on it. I sent along a picture that was on the back cover of the Nats News.



Congrats AMA Nats Winners

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AMA Nats Winners - Unlimited Sailplane

AMA Nats Winners - Unlimited Sailplane

Thermal Soaring Unlimited

Cody Remington 1st Place National Champion

Mike Verzuh 2nd

Skip Miller 3rd

Dillon Graves 1st Place Junior

Radio of Choice: Airtronics SD-10G


As our team members put it: Airtronics = Air Superiority

Colonel Thacker – AMA Hall of FAME!

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Robert E Thacker - AMA Hall of FAME! -

Robert E Thacker - AMA Hall of FAME!

Today Colonel Robert Thacker, “The Colonel”, was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame.

He has an amazing life story in modeling and full scale. It was an honor to be at the presentation and reception. I am better for knowing him.

The Colonel also flies Airtronics. He’s an honored and respected member of the team.

On behalf of Airtronics, congratulations Colonel and THANK YOU for your years of flying Airtronics during your pursuit of superior scale jet modeling.

For more pics from AMA, click HERE


AMA Expo – Airtronics

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There’s a number of reasons we’d like to see you at the AMA Expo this weekend in Ontario CA!

1. We’re showing the prototype of the new SD-5G. It’s a unique radio in its class, it’s coming soon, and we’d like you to see it. Let us know what you think after you’ve had a chance to look at it. Note that it buddies with the SD-10G for basic 4ch training!

2. We have the full line of aircraft receivers on display including the new RX600. I keep hearing about selection… Airtronics 2.4GHz flight receivers now range from a micro park flyer receiver to the very long range 10ch. We think you’ll be impressed.

3. The entire line of new digitals, including many that we haven’t previously shown are on display. This includes the new High Voltage servos, brushless, and the SSR series.

4. For the M11X, we also are showing the new SSR 2.5ms receiver! I know it’s a car thing, but I know a lot of you airplane guys are running cars and boats too. Did you know some of the fastest electric boat guys, guys going 100mph are running the M11X because of the range and speed? It’s an impressive radio.

5. We have the new MX-3X pistol grip. It’s a computer radio that in many ways rivals the M11X, but it’s in an ultralightweight version of the MX-3 case.

6. Jack Albrecht and Craig Kaplan will be there as well as most of our customer service staff throughout the weekend. Stop by, say hi! And if you have questions, ask them! They’re the experts and can even answer those difficult programming questions!

7. Saturday at 3:00pm one of our own, Colonel Bob Thacker “The Colonel” is being presented with a major award from the AMA. If you fly jets in So CA, you know the Colonel. One of the first guys to really make glow ducted fans work back in the 80’s, a lifelong modeler, and creative force in the jet community, he’s a great guy with a long and colorful history in full size and model aviation. He’s also been flying Airtronics Forever.

8. Of course, the SD-10G will be on display. Last year at AMA we showed the 1st working prototype. Since then, in a mere 12 months, this radio has proven to be a great radio for competitor and sport modeler alike. Come by and check it out. Let us show you why we’re so proud of this radio and what it can do.

9. The final draft of our new catalog will be out. I know it’s not the most exciting thing to see a catalog, but we’d like to show it to you and get your feedback. Along with that we’d like to give you an updated servo chart with all the specs and info. There’s a Ton of new servos out or coming, and this will help you decide which ATX servo is best for your new project.

10. Support the AMA, be a part of the community. Heck, even if you don’t come by the booth, go to the show. There’s a TON to see, a building full of modelers, and some AMAZING guest speakers!

I hope to see you all there!