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JP Richards pulls out a solid 3rd place finish – 4WD

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Here’s what he had to say:

Race 1 of 5 Factory Tracks Midwest Series Race Report

Two weeks ago I attended the first race of the Factory Tracks Midwest Series at Factory Tracks Raceway. I ran Modified 2wd and 4wd. The format was run in three rounds of qualifying in qual point style and a single A main. With Over 100 entries, there were many factory drivers in attendance at the race such as Al Horn, Dakota Phend, Dustin Richards, and many more.

In 4wd my car was excellent. In the first round I ended up breaking, in the second round I TQed, and in the third and final round I ended breaking but able to finish the race to qualify me for the a main. I qualified 7th and knowing my car was good I knew I had a chance to win. But qualifying back so far did not help me to accomplish this goal. I made my way up to the number three position and was able to maintain it for the rest of the race.

4wd Mod results:

Dakota Phend

Al Horn

JP Richards

Matt Chambers

Jason Harp

James Raupp

Dustin Richards

Chris Peterson

Dean Matthews

Russ Raden


AWESOME Rock Crawler – RDS8000 Put to Good Use

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Tamiya Scale Trucks are a unique hobby that takes scale r/c cars to a “whole new level” of realism.

Let me introduce Aaron Bidochka. 32, a resident of Canada…. Most know him as “MEDiC”

MEDiC has documented his trek from box of parts to awesome outdoor real-world video of his truck. And as he told me today, he used the RDS8000 and said it worked AWESOME.

Check out this cool thread that takes you to the 5 videos representing over 650 hours of labor, featuring this truck and his efforts.

Tamiya SCALE Truck Videos by MEDiC

Aaron is not sponsored really. Eastridge Hobbies sponsored him for the truck, but he’s not a paid/hired-gun. He’s a modeler who simply loves R/C trucks. It will be obvious when you watch the video.

Anyway, note that Eastridge is an Airtronics Dealer too. So if live around these folks and want Airtronics. It’s a great place to get it.

So, go check it out!


Team Airtronics – More Wins…

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Mike Fox is out always promoting the ol’ Airtronics Name.

Here’s Mike with his Zenith. Won with it locally last Saturday.
Mike Fox and His Competition Sailplane

Cody Remington tells me that He and Daryl Perkins and Skip Miller put on a good showing at the latest US Team Trials event and National F3J competition, the “F3J in the Rockies”.

Cody said the weather sucked, but he took first, Daryl Perkins took 2nd, and Skip Miller ( took Fourth.

Anyway, the TEAM is out there kicking butt and I thought you y’all might like to know.

Any other news, send it my way so I can post it!


SD-10G Info getting out there!

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Here’s one of the Team Guys, Terry Moore, showing off the SD-10G.
It’s awesome!

Thanks Terry!


This Just In from Hal Parenti

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Hi Mike,
Good news!

I just returned from the Mint Julep Scale Meet in Kentucky, and was fortunate enough to place first in the designer scale category. The weather was horrible, but the Airtronics equipment worked flawlessly!

I have attached a photo of myself with the winning Ryan Fireball.

Best regards,


More to the STORY
People asked for more info on this beautiful scale aircraft. Hal has delivered:

…The Ryan Fireball FR-1 {1945-1948},did not see any action,but 65 were carrier based.
It is a twin with a Wright cyclone 1820-72w 1,350HP up front and a General Electric I-16U-31——-1,000Lb jet in the rear.

Specs for my Designer scale Ryan Fireball FR-1
Span……………….72 in.
Construction………balsa, ply, and carbon fiber
Covering……………6 oz glass cloth with epoxy risen.
Finish……………….PPG primer and finish coats.
Weight……………..19.5 lbs.
Power……………….YS 120 -4stroke up front, and 40 size electric fan in the rear.
Functions…………..Elevator,Rudder Ailerons,Flaps,Twin Engines, Retracts, Drop
Tank, Brakes, Landing and Navigation Lights, and Arrestor
I also have a 84″ Fireball with a P-80 tunbine and a Saito 300 twin up front.

That’s it for now.

Airtronics TV Coming Soon

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We’re playing with a new concept. Airtronics TV – Podcasts…

Mine is first. It is a brief intro to the SD-10G

Craig just recorded one today for the M11X