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Whitney Philbrick’s Spitfire

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Warbirds over the Glades!. Awesome video showing Whit’s Spitfire – Flown with a Stylus. If you like warebirds you should check out this entire series over at the Model Airplane News Website



More from Mike Fox…

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Mike Fox, AMA 2M Nats winner with the SD-10G was flying this airplane with the new 7 channel receiver! Clearly this is a great combination! So, the 7 channel receiver has a win too! Clearly the equipment is reliable.

Mike also frankly did a little field testing for us. He flew in RES class too and while he didn’t win, he did pull out an 8th place finish and what was he flying?? The STYLUS MODULE 2.4GHz and 8 channel receiver! And.. guess what else…. The plane was a CARBON fuselage! So, it would seem, the Stylus Module and 8ch receiver can be used in a Carbon fuselage too!

Mike also flew in Unlimited sailplane class where he flew the SD-10G with his 10ch receiver. He placed 7th.

So, now the SD-10G has multiple top 10 national finishes with a multitude of receivers. AND the Stylus Module has a top 10 finish too.

AMA Nats are challenging and the equpment MUST work well. Clearly Airtronics WORKS.

Again, Congrats to Mike and the Airtronics Team… We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you all in the final sailplane class being run now, F3J.


RDS8000 Takes 2nd in RES – In a CARBON FUSELAGE

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Congratulations to Mario Scolari!

Mr. Scolari survived rain, delays, and generally bad conditions to place 2nd in RES Sailplane (Rudder/Elevator/Spoiler) at the AMA Nats! At the National level there are no throw-outs, and no room for even 1 missed flight. You have to be consistent. And when you consider Mr. Scolari was flying against many national champions, it says a LOT about this great finish!

I find this to be SPECTACULAR news. From day-1, way back in 2007, when Sanwa/Airtronics engineers worked on the very first RDS8000 prototype, they KNEW they had to make it easily compatible with carbon fiber sailplane and powerplane fuselages. The ANSWER was in antenna extensions on the receiver that could be routed away from the wing and then the “whiskers” (the “actual” antennas) could be placed outside of the fuselage.

Spektrum keeps saying they were the first to do this in some ads made in 2009… But we all know we adpoted this concept 2 years ago to ensure our radio worked in all environments, without the need for extra receivers.

Anyway, Skip Miller tells me the RES Sailplane Mr. Scolari was flying is an all-carbon fuselage. And thus, once again, we prove that the RDS8000 2.4GHz radio works GREAT in Carbon fiber aircraft. We now have a podium finish at a National event to prove it. And considering our RDS8000 radio is an under 200 dollar sport radio, I think that says a LOT

So THANK YOU to Mr. Scolari for choosing Airtronics and congratulations on your great finish this year.

Mike Greenshields

Anthony Romano’s Comments on the SD-10G

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Anthony Romano sent this in. It’s great to see so much success with the radio! Anthony points out a couple of great features concerning setup with the radio “feel”.

Hi Mike,
Finally got a chance to reflect on the Nats after the long trip home, all the honey-do’s and the big pile of work on my desk. The Nats was great! As always I was never as prepared as I hoped. Having a major failure with my primary aircraft, running a contest and setting up a new airplane and radio all within four weeks certainly ate up a lot of practice time.
My first flight with my SD-10 was flight six on the new airplane and one week before we left for the Nats. To say I was nervous was an understatement. The plan was to put a few flights on my practice plane but since the Hitec servos couldn’t keep up I decided to install it in my primary. Since my 72 mhz rigs will usually give over 65 paces with the antennae down I nervously reread the manual to check on the distance for the range check. My buddies encourage me to go for it so up it went.
Right away the plane felt a little more solid. Point rolls felt crisp and snap timing was totally different. It felt totally different in my hands and weird with no antennae. Spent a night setting the ratchet and stiff springs (nice touch) and the radio started to feel great. Went to my club meeting to give the contest report and get some practice but I wound up spending a more time answering a lot of questions about the radio.
Once we got to Muncie it really made things easier to practice and not have to wait for pins or worry about someone turning on. Between bouncing around different practice fields offsite or being at the AMA grounds with 30 plus pilots all itching for practice time is was great to not have to worry about my radio. The plane felt real solid and there were always questions to answer. When things settled it all worked perfectly. I didn’t finish were I wanted but my scores were up from last year against some very stiff competition. I met my primary goal of nothing broken and no zeros and had a lot of fun.
So thanks for the support and all the great new products to talk about.

Anthony Romano
Team Airtronics

Doug Crumley’s Experience with SD-10G

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SD-10G comments – They’re ALL positive..

This just in from Doug Crumley

Doug Cruley's Feiseler Storch - Flying Great with SD-10G

Doug Cruley's Feiseler Storch - Flying Great with SD-10G

I have just completed upgrading 4 of my aircraft to the SD-10G. I’m really pleased with the results and it was worth the wait. I’ve been an Airtronics flyer for many years and progressed from the Vangard to the Vision and then to the Stylus as each was introduced to the market. I took two planes to the local field last weekend for flight test and had a great time comparing features with the JR 9303’s of fellow Club members. The SD-10G is a clear winner.
I just finished converting my primary ScaleMasters aircraft, the Feiseler Storch, from the Stylus to the SD-10G. The Flap setup is the biggest challenge and duplicates the operation of those of the full size aircraft. Flap operation is conventional between the Up and Half-Down positions but as the Flaps progress from Half to Full Down, the Ailerons move down also, to provide a Full Span Flap. On retraction, the process reverses and the Ailerons return to Neutral as the Flaps pass the 1/2 position. Servo Delay is used, making the extension and retract times about 10 seconds. Elevator trim feeds in at the same rate. The resulting in-flight transition is remarkably smooth.
Setting this up on the Stylus was a major task. Jack Albrecht at Tech Support was a lot of help, but there was still a lot of trial and error before finding a C-Mix setup that worked.  I still could not tell you how I did it, and would hate to have to do it over again. The Stylus is a great radio with a ton of features, but intuitive programming is not one of them. Duplicating this setup with the SD-10G was incredibly simple. The C-Mix Display with it’s 9 point Servo Response Curve is brilliant and allows you to observe the control surface response as you adjust the control points. From what I see, so far, the SD-10G has more features than the Stylus and is far easier to use.
My only complaint is that I wish they would give it a neat name in the tradition of Vangard, Vision and Stylus.
The Storch will be flying in the Kansas City area at the Mid-States Scale Classic, Scale Masters Regional Qualifier,
August 15-16.
Doug Crumley
Wichita, KS
Team Airtronics

Airtronics Captures 1/8th Buggy and Truggy National Title

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Congratulations to Ryan Maifield and Adam Drake!

At the ROAR Nitro Offroad National Championships, Ryan Maifield running the M11X took 1st place in 1/8th Nitro Truggy Class! Ryan runs for Team Associated with his M11X and has put YET ANOTHER 1st Place National Title in The M11X Win Column.

Not to be out-done, Adam Drake has won the 1/8th buggy class with his trusted M11. Adam has been a HUGE supporter of Airtronics for years and has taken his M11 to podium finishes at both the National and World level over and over again.

Congratulations to both drivers and THANK YOU to you both for Choosing AIRTRONICS.

-Mike Greenshields

p.s. You can see interviews with Maifield and Drake over at RC Car Action


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AMA Nats are well underway and today the first sailplane event, the 2-Meter Class, is finished… And the AIRTRONICS SD-10G is VICTORIOUS. It is the very 1st National Title for the SD-10G!

Mike Fox WINS 2M with SD-10G! Skip Takes 4th and Cody takes 10th putting 3 SD-10G's in the Top 10!

Mike Fox WINS 2M with SD-10G! Skip Takes 4th and Cody takes 10th putting 3 SD-10G's in the Top 10!

1st Place Sailplane 2M – Charles “Mike” Fox

Congratulations to Mike Fox and The Airtronics SD-10G.

The achievement does NOT end there. The SD-10G took 3 of the top 10 spots in this class! Along with Mike’s win, Skip Miller Took 4th and Cody Remington took 10th and ALL were flying the SD-10G. Simply AMAZING!

First, let’s start here… These pilots are GREAT and they are Experienced. And they are flying fantastic sailplanes. But no matter how good the pilots are, they MUST have reliable equipment for this grueling competition. They flew 15 rounds in 2 days with NO throw outs! The SD-10G consistently delivered the features, range, and reliability needed to compete and WIN.

Wed is RES, Thur-Fri is AMA Rules Unlimited, and then Sat-Sun is F3J rules. The Airtronics Team is fired up and realy to win! There is a LOT more competition to come!

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Mike Greenshields