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A Nice Group of Modelers…

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Airtronics Sponsors several Scale Events throughout the year. We can’t donate product to every event, but it feels great to help with friendly clubs like this one! If you live in Ontario Canada you should consider looking them up! We just received this very nice thank-you letter. We say THANK YOU to the Long Sault Flyers and all clubs hosting events, promoting the hobby, and giving fellow modelers a great place to fly!

Group Photo

Group Photo of the Scale Rally - Long Sault Flyers

1676 Nash Road


Ontario L1E 2Y4




October 22, 2009



18480 Bandilier Circle

Fountain Valley, CA 92708



Attention: Craig Kaplan


Dear Mr. Kaplan,

Our Seventh Annual Scale Rally and Fun-Fly took place on Saturday, September 19th, and was a resounding success. The participants from the clubs in the surrounding area enjoyed the best weather we’ve ever had. We all had a great time, especially Al Cordy – the winner of the radio!

The success of our event was due largely to the continuing generosity of sponsors like yourself, whose names were prominently displayed on our Event poster. This event is the main fundraiser for our club and we appreciate the support you have given us. As a small token of our thanks, we are enclosing a group photo of the pilots and some of their aircraft.

Thank you very much for your donation.


Garney Gunn

Event Coordinator


Stylus 2.4GHz Modules SHIPPED

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Again, after they said it couldn’t be done, we produced and shipped the 2.4GHz module for the Stylus. This module will work with any of the FHSS-1 aircraft receivers. So, if you have a Stylus, feel free to go right on using it! Oh, and because of how it mounts, it can be switched EASILY between 2.4GHz and 72Mhz!!

It’s a Stylus lover MUST HAVE!

Kyle Paulson Wins with SD-10G!

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Kyle just sent this in (Kyle is a World-Level Championship Sailplane Pilot flying many disciplines now with his SD-10G):

Recent Accomplishments:

1)      1st in the SCSR Cal Cup Points Series.

2)      5th place overseas at the German Open!

3)       2nd place Team USA at the Open! It was a great time.

Looking forward,

Kyle Paulson


SD-10G – Unlimited Class TX State Champ!

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Congratulations to Mike Fox - TX State Champ!

Congratulations to Mike Smith - TX State Champ!

Mike Smith has just brought home another victory with the SD-10G – This just in from Texas:

Mike Smith wins Texas R/C Soaring Championship!

He was flying a “High End” from HKM USA with his SD-10G.

How the contest is run: It is open class only.  The 2 days, Sat. and Sun., are stand alone contest’s.  They are combined for the Championship.  Mike was 1st. on Sat. with a score of 5479 out of a possible 5500.  He was 3rd today, only because of a blown landing, with a total of 5338 out of a possible 5500.  His total for the two days was 10,837 out of a possible 11,000!  163 points from perfect.

Henry Bostick TNT Contest Director
Team Airtronics Soaring

Did I ever mention how much I liked my M11X?….

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Many years ago, I started racing radio control cars as ‘something to do’ on the weekends.  Mostly on road racing with my Team Associated RC10L and then moving up into the off road world with 1/8 buggy and truggy.  The past few years I did my ‘racing’ with my Airtronics M11.  A great radio with more features than anyone really needs, but they’re there just in case you do need them!  Somewhat like a high performance car…. You don’t necessarily need the 600 horsepower, but it’s there for you just in case you do at some point.

This past year, I got back into on road racing with the assistance of Mugen Seiki and their 1/8 MRX-4X, Protoform and their 1/8 P909 body, and SH Engines and their new .21 on road engine.  I still used my trusty Airtronics M11, but found driving the car quite the handful.  If you’re not familiar with 1/8 on road, it’s considered to be the ‘F1’ of radio control on road racing.  Extremely fast, super responsive, and can be difficult to control if reflexes and set up isn’t top notch.  As I practiced a little I became a bit better at driving the car, but still not as competitive as I thought I should be.

Some months ago, I received an M11X radio system to try.  I knew it was the fastest radio on the market, but I didn’t believe that would have any affect on me as I wasn’t a professional racer.  Let me just say that I couldn’t have been more wrong.  As I started driving the car with the M11X, I found I could drive the car more aggressively and still maintain control.  This meant faster lap times, more consistency, and a more ‘professional’ driving style.  Some drivers experience the ‘zen’ feeling as if they’re connected with the car.  Using the M11X, I felt just that.  It was the first time that I ever felt so in tune with my car and it showed.  On October 10th and 11th, the Greater L.A. R/C Racing Club hosted the Region 12 On Road Fuel Championships in Artesia, CA.  Not feeling that I was quite at the expert level yet, I entered the Sportsman class with my MRX-4X.  In short, not only did I TQ the class, but I also backed it up with winning the class!

2009 Region 12 1/8 On Road Fuel Sportsman Champion

2009 Region 12 1/8 On Road Fuel Sportsman Champion

I think the major reason for my win was how much better I drove using the M11X radio system.  Sure, you can always read how much faster it is, how much lighter it is, and how many more adjustments there are.  However, until you use one, you never really appreciate how good the radio is.  Overall, if the radio can make me that much better, just imagine what it can do for you!

Maifield/Airtronics M11X Wins.. Again..

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If you haven’t noticed, there’s a running theme here at the TeamAirtronics blog. Our factory guys WIN. Are they great drivers and pilots? Of course they are! Could they use ANYONE’s equipment? Of course they could. Any mfr would be a fool to not want to have someone like Ryan Maifield on their team. These drivers and pilots have CHOSEN to run Airtronics equipment. Why? Because it helps them win. It’s part of the long list of tools needed to win.. And if you’re going to win, the radio MUST BE: Reliable, Fast, and have the Right Features. They know they “Get the Advantage” when they run Airtronics.

Congratulations to Ryan Maifield, Team Airtronics, Team Associated, J-Concepts, and Ryan’s other great sponsors.

Maifield Wins AZ State Champs - 2WD MOD - Photo courtesy J-Concepts

Maifield Wins AZ State Champs - 2WD MOD - Photo courtesy J-Concepts

M11X Wins Again – 2009 Electric Boats

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Bill and the M11X with another 1st Place Trophy. Note to Bil: What's up with all that Novak Stuff?

Bill and the M11X with another 1st Place Trophy. Note to Bill: What's up with all that Orange? Go Airtronics Blue!

I just got this from Bill

I did it Mike!
First place with a perfect score of 3 first place heats!!
The M11-X is astounding! Mike, I’d like to thank you for believing in me in the first place.
-Servos held like glue, and the Airtronics shirt flew like a cape as I shredded those Fu#!*a  m*&^%$#..
Now its time to shatter a handful of world records!
Putting up the Big Rooster Tails! Electric Boats are FAST today!

Putting up the Big Rooster Tails! Electric Boats are FAST today!

Flying Airtronics Blue! That's more like it!

Flying Airtronics Blue! That's more like it!

Anyone who thinks you need “special” receivers and unusual equipment to get 2.4GHz to work in boats.. you do not! Just Ask Bill Oxidean! All you need is the same high-end, high-quality technology Airtronics puts into every 2.4GHz radio we make.  The proof is in the multiple 1st place trophies Bill, and many others ATX 2.4GHz Drivers, keep getting on the water!