Driver Profiles

Bill Oxidean, San Fransisco, CA – Bill competes in all classes of EP boat racing, his main focus being Straightline Speed (SAWS), Oval, and Offshore. Bill has been involved with R/C since he was 5 years old and has been racing for Airtronics since 2008. He holds several NAMBA boat performance records running his FAST Boats (some over 100mph) and his stock M11X (it does not take a special receiver to use the M11X on water!).

Brent Thielke, Lake Forest, CA – Brent first started in the hobby in 1988 and has been sponsored by Airtronics since 2002. Like many of our racers, his weapon of choice is the M11. Brent runs just about everything – 1/10th and 1/8th scale on-road and off-road, nitro and electric. Brent’s experience has allowed him to place in numerous races, including multiple “A” mains at local SoCal events. He has also managed the Associated team to 1st and 2nd place on the Grip for 1/8th Scale World Championships. Just some of Brent’s upcoming races include the ROAR Nationals, the Cactus Classic, the Off-Road Shootout, the Nitro Challenge, and many more. As you can see, he’s busy racing and promoting Airtronics! When Brent isn’t racing he is helping others get into the hobby and helping other Airtronics users customize their setups at Revelation Raceway in Ontario, CA.

Clint Seitz, Edwardsville, KS – Clint first started racing in 1998 and became an Airtronics-sponsored driver in 2008. Clint currently uses an M11 to race 1/10th scale electric dirt oval, 1/10th scale electric off-road, and 1/8th scale electric. Some of Clint’s achievements include: TQ’ed and 1st place – 2nd annual Mo-Kan Challenge (1/10th scale electric), TQ’ed and 1st place – Spring Dirt Oval Challenge (Modified Truck and Mini Late Model), and 9th place – ROAR Regional Championships (Modified Truck A-Main). When not racing, Clint can be found helping other Airtronics users at his local track at Checkered Flag Raceway in Bonner Springs, KS.

Clint Wachter, Santa Clarita, CA – Clint has been sponsored by Airtronics since 2006 and has been racing for 8 years. He’s currently racing 1/8th scale and 1/10th scale nitro off-road using an M11. Clint has been busy racing and promoting Airtronics, placing in the top 30 at the 1/8th scale Buggy Worlds, a 2nd place in the stock buggy class at the ROAR Electric Off-Road Nationals, and a 3rd place in the Super Stock truck class at the ROAR Electric Off-Road Nationals. Clint is active in promoting Airtronics equipment at the races he attends and at his home track, Hot Rod Hobbies. In Clint’s words “I always recommend people to use Airtronics equipment because it is very user-friendly and high quality”. 

Colby Poh, Anaheim Hills, CA – Colby is a relative newcomer to hobby, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t bring a lot to the team. Colby has been sponsored by Airtronics since 2007 and uses a 2.4GHz M11 to race 1/8th scale nitro off-road. Colby has been participating in a number of races including the Nitro Challenge, the 1/8th Scale Buggy Nationals, Toys for Tots, and others. Colby can be found racing monthly at Revelation Raceway, Thunder Alley, OCRC Raceway, and West Coast R/C. 

Craig Kaplan, Product Manager Hobby Shack/Global Hobby, CA – Craig wears many hats here at Hobby Shack/Airtronics/Global Hobby/Hobby People. Possibly the most rewarding work is when he is working as the Team Manager for the Drivers of Team Airtronics. Craig has a passion for all things ‘driven’, whether it’s gas, electric, on road, off-road, full-scale or R/C, boat or car. His leadership is a reflection of his passion for the hobby and his dedication to the success of Airtronics and it’s race team. We’re proud to have Craig as part of the Team Leadership. 

Daniel Adams, Banning, CA – Dan has been sponsored by Airtronics since 2008 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Airtronics team. Not only has he been in the hobby for 17 years and participated in numerous races, Dan also brings the knowledge of the modeling industry to the team. Dan has attended nearly every major race in the past few years, racing 1/10th scale and 1/8th scale nitro on-road and off-road, and currently uses the M11 2.4GHz radio system. When not racing Dan has volunteered his time and talent being the Race Director at the Baja Nationals Main Race, organizing the Ihobby Demo Team and working on middle school demos. Dan is always willing to help out fellow racers with Airtronics radio programming and setup, and can be found practicing at Thunder Alley R/C in Beaumont, CA. 

Dave Wentz, Glendora, CA – Dave races 1/8th scale nitro off-road using an M11. He has been in the hobby for 6 years and has been sponsored by Airtronics since 2007. Dave has placed 3rd in the JBRL Nitro Series (and garnered the Most Popular Driver award), 5th in the Saturday Series races, and 3rd place in the Revelation Raceway series. Dave has also raced 1/8th scale buggy at the ROAR nationals. Dave has helped a number of people get into the hobby and can be found either racing at his track at home or at Revelation Raceway in Ontario, CA.

Eric Bourlet, Fircrest, WA – Eric has a passion for several classes of competition RC Boats and is also involved with many other facets of the hobby including 1/10th scale electric cars. In fact cars is where he got is start in the 1980’s. Eric has been on the team since 1997 and has been putting Airtronics on the podium ever since. Today Eric balances hi R/C interests at the lake between being a contest director in NAMBA District 8, a leader at his local R/C club, and dominating most of the races he enters. For 2009 Eric is also the “Commodore” of his local club, the Puget Sound Model Boat Club at Lake Waughop.

Jason Ashton, Las Vegas, NV – Jason has been an Airtronics team driver since 1994. He races 1/8th scale nitro on-road and off-road using an M11. Jason’s been in the hobby for over 22 years and during that time has entered and placed in numerous races and has helped many, many people get into the hobby. Jason is the owner and race director of Silver State R/C in Las Vegas, NV.

Jeff Guest, Rialto, CA – Jeff has been on the team since 2002 and it seems like he’s everywhere. He’s an exceptionally active local racer who’s no stranger to podium finishes at Regional and National events. Today, Jeff balances his racing with managing a Hobby People retail store. Daily, Jeff helps people be successful in R/C racing and yet never looses his passion for the hobby, or for winning. Just like most other So CA drivers, you’ll find Jeff at Revelation often and you’ll see him at 1/8th Scale Buggy Nats as well as the Airtronics Off Road Winter Championships running 1/8th Buggy and Truggy.

Jeremy Kortz, Ventura, CA – Jeremy races 1/8th scale nitro off-road and has been sponsored by Airtronics for 5 years. He has been in the hobby since 1998 and has been racing for about 10 years. He’s currently using the M11 2.4GHz radio system. Jeremy has consistently placed in the top 3 in many big races around the country and even plans on traveling to Australia to race. Jeremy is always helping fellow Airtronics users at the races he attends, in addition to helping drivers at this local track, Hot Rod Hobbies.

Ronda Drake, Fontana, CA – Ronda started racing in 1990 and was first sponsored by Airtronics in 2004. She uses the popular M11. When Ronda first started racing, she raced 1/10th scale electric off-road, and for the past 7 years she has raced 1/8th scale nitro buggy and truggy. During her racing career, Ronda has had many accomplishments, some of which include a top 10 at the JBRL Series and a top 10 at the Pro-Line Saturday Series in the Pro-Truggy class. When not racing, Ronda, is always looking to help anyone who has a question or that needs help with an Airtronics product, both at the track and online. She’s brought numerous people into the hobby and is happy that there are a lot more female drivers racing now. Ronda’s home track is Revelation Raceway in Ontario, CA.

Tony Keigley, Mansfield, TX – Tony is a relative newcomer to the hobby, but already  has a number of races under his belt. He’s been an Airtronics-sponsored driver since 2008. Tony currently uses an M11 to race 1/8 scale nitro buggy and 1/8 scale nitro truggy. Some of Tony’s achievements include: TQ’ed and 1st place 2008 – Ice Breaker (1/8 scale truggy), 1st place – 2008 Ice Breaker (1/8 scale buggy), and 3rd place – Texas Nitro Invitational (1/8 scale nitro). Tony’s home track is at JCG Raceway in Euless, TX., where he can found practicing, having fun, and helping other Airtronics users.

Tony Vega, San Jose,  CA – Tony has been sponsored by Airtronics since 2001 and has been in the hobby since 1998. Using an M11, Tony runs 1/10th scale, 1/12th scale, 1/8th scale, and 1/5th scale electric and nitro on-road and off-road. He has won numerous club races and took 1st place in the RAMS Point Series. Tony is very active in the hobby and will be racing at the 1/5th scale Nationals, the Region 12 Races (electric and nitro), and the NATC Series. Like all of our team drivers, when Tony isn’t racing he’s helping other Airtronics users with radio programming, setup, and more. Tony is a member of the RAMS club and races at NOR-CAL Hobbies.



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