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New Slogans Proposed by our Pilots…

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Top 10 Proposed Slogans we probably won’t use.. But certainly enjoyed considering…

10.  Nobody wants to go back to slow.

9. Feel the difference, just hope it doesn’t take too long. (alt: Feeling the difference isn’t enough, you need the advantage.)

8. Resolution won’t gain you three extra feet of altitude when you really need it, but speed will. (Alternate: When you needed that extra three inches of altitude, were you hoping for <10 milliseconds or 2048?)

7.  Faster than FASST!

6. Less is more when you are counting antennas.

5. You want me to put How Many Receivers and Antennas in my plane??? (Ok, not really a slogan, but really, How Many receivers do you want me to put in my plane? 5???)

4.   Got range?  We got carbon fiber covered.

3.   Dumb thumbs + slow radio = crash

2.   Blue is Cool

1. We all Agree on the Standard: Airtronics GET THE ADVANTAGE

Thanks to Tyler and Terry for these winners..


Big Thanks to the Weak Signals Club

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Last Thursday, Mark Atwood – Team Airtronics Pilot – gave a presentation to the Weak Signals Club at their monthly meeting. Thanks to the club for letting us present the products. Mark tells me he wasn’t upset in this picture, even though his finger might be misinterpreted!

Mark Atwood Expressing His True Feelings About Our Competitors... - Actually leading a discussion on Antenna Placement!

Mark and his Co-Presenter Rick Lederman showed the SD-10G and some of it’s advanced functions for Aerobatic fixed wing, heli, and sailplane. Mark also presented the line of servos, the receivers, and all the other new goodies!

Thanks to the Weak Signals Club for inviting us and thanks to Mark and Rick for taking the time to put together the presentation.