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What? Airplane Guys Don’t Run Cars?!

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IMAC Airtronics Pilot Chuck Hochhalter…

Ed Chuck and Brian at RCHQ

Well, throw in some cold weather, a race track that is 2 miles from home and yup…
You have a recipe for a couple of Blitz’s, MX Sport radios and a few guys who hate to lose and some fun Wednesday night Racing!!!
The AFFORDABLE MX Sport is allowing us to have some fun on the side during the dog days of winter, Thanks Airtronics!!!
Chuck Hochhalter
Team Airtronics

Airtronics 1-2-3 AGAIN

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Congratulations to Bob and AJ McGowen and Kai Yang.

This just in!

Hi Mike,

January 10 was the last stop in our NorCal DLG Winter Championship series.  You’ll be happy to hear that the Airtronics SD10G swept the top three places in this final event with my Son AJ and I tying for first with perfect scores and Kai Yang closely behind in 3rd.  For the three contest Winter series I ended up on top with Kai Yang right behind me, again flying our Airtronics.   In the first two events of the series I had used the RDS8000, but now I have switched primary DLGs over to the SD10G and am enjoying the increased functionality like fully customized flight modes for each phase of flight.

The SD10G is really taking hold with glider pilots in our area with another person switching over every week it seems.

Best Regards,

Bob McGowan

NorCal DLG Champs: AJ and Bob McGowen and Kai Yang fly the SD-10G and finish 1-2-3

Colonel Thacker – AMA Hall of FAME!

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Robert E Thacker - AMA Hall of FAME! -

Robert E Thacker - AMA Hall of FAME!

Today Colonel Robert Thacker, “The Colonel”, was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame.

He has an amazing life story in modeling and full scale. It was an honor to be at the presentation and reception. I am better for knowing him.

The Colonel also flies Airtronics. He’s an honored and respected member of the team.

On behalf of Airtronics, congratulations Colonel and THANK YOU for your years of flying Airtronics during your pursuit of superior scale jet modeling.

For more pics from AMA, click HERE


Receivers for RDS8000 and SD-10G

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In addition to the stock 8ch receiver, there is now a 7 and 6 channel available. All 3 are full range and the 6ch is quite small and affordable
Click the links:

There is also an affordable lightweight park flyer receiver. With the case off it is only 4 grams or so making it very nice for indoor planes, small helis, etc.

Some customers have asked about availability so I thought it would be helpful to review the lastest options for aircraft receivers that work with both the SD-10G and RDS8000.

AMA Expo – Airtronics

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There’s a number of reasons we’d like to see you at the AMA Expo this weekend in Ontario CA!

1. We’re showing the prototype of the new SD-5G. It’s a unique radio in its class, it’s coming soon, and we’d like you to see it. Let us know what you think after you’ve had a chance to look at it. Note that it buddies with the SD-10G for basic 4ch training!

2. We have the full line of aircraft receivers on display including the new RX600. I keep hearing about selection… Airtronics 2.4GHz flight receivers now range from a micro park flyer receiver to the very long range 10ch. We think you’ll be impressed.

3. The entire line of new digitals, including many that we haven’t previously shown are on display. This includes the new High Voltage servos, brushless, and the SSR series.

4. For the M11X, we also are showing the new SSR 2.5ms receiver! I know it’s a car thing, but I know a lot of you airplane guys are running cars and boats too. Did you know some of the fastest electric boat guys, guys going 100mph are running the M11X because of the range and speed? It’s an impressive radio.

5. We have the new MX-3X pistol grip. It’s a computer radio that in many ways rivals the M11X, but it’s in an ultralightweight version of the MX-3 case.

6. Jack Albrecht and Craig Kaplan will be there as well as most of our customer service staff throughout the weekend. Stop by, say hi! And if you have questions, ask them! They’re the experts and can even answer those difficult programming questions!

7. Saturday at 3:00pm one of our own, Colonel Bob Thacker “The Colonel” is being presented with a major award from the AMA. If you fly jets in So CA, you know the Colonel. One of the first guys to really make glow ducted fans work back in the 80’s, a lifelong modeler, and creative force in the jet community, he’s a great guy with a long and colorful history in full size and model aviation. He’s also been flying Airtronics Forever.

8. Of course, the SD-10G will be on display. Last year at AMA we showed the 1st working prototype. Since then, in a mere 12 months, this radio has proven to be a great radio for competitor and sport modeler alike. Come by and check it out. Let us show you why we’re so proud of this radio and what it can do.

9. The final draft of our new catalog will be out. I know it’s not the most exciting thing to see a catalog, but we’d like to show it to you and get your feedback. Along with that we’d like to give you an updated servo chart with all the specs and info. There’s a Ton of new servos out or coming, and this will help you decide which ATX servo is best for your new project.

10. Support the AMA, be a part of the community. Heck, even if you don’t come by the booth, go to the show. There’s a TON to see, a building full of modelers, and some AMAZING guest speakers!

I hope to see you all there!

Digital Servos in Stock

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Airtronics has 9 New Digital Servos.
They range in size for 7.5g micros to High Powered Standarded Size (about 200 oz/in).

There are some neat DIGITAL servos now being offered.
1. 7.5g micro. It’s nice to have a digital this small
2. 10g metal gear high powered micro. Strong, durable, great for those who like to be rough on their 400/450 size helis! Super Collective servo.
3. A couple of really fast, slightly larger than micro servos. From 1/12 cars to tail rotor, at .06s transit speed, they are impressive.
4. Two mini’s to replace the old 94141/142 series servos. At Skip Miller’s request, one is really powerful with 90 oz-in torque! The other is blazing fast. There are a LOT of applications for these high power mini’s.
5. Nice high powered sport standard size servos that produce a lot of power and aren’t too big.

Neat servos, affordable, and pretty nice!

Here’s a link: Airtronics Servo Promo

RDS 8000 in Blue

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Craig Kaplan had a little fun customizing an RDS8000 for long-time Airtronics pilot, Joe Beshar. It is simply an RDS8000 case painted blue and then clear-coated. It’s finished off with a Chrome-plated RD8000 faceplate. Joe says it’s a real eye-catcher!

Joe's Custom RDS8000!