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Chris Wolfe Wins Local Scale Masters Qualifier

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This just in from Chris:

IMG_8907 IMG_8905 IMG_8914

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to send a quick note about the Hemet qualifier this past weekend.

I brought the Mirage and pulled off first place Expert finish with it, qualifying for the Championships in October! 🙂 Static score was 99.25 with an average flight score of about 91. It was a fun weekend with some pretty good ATX representation there (there were 4-5 ATX shirts including myself).

I’m already planning the trip to Woodland-Davis for the championships, should be fun!

I had originally planned to bring the NTJets Panther and compete in Pro-Am Pro as I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get the flight time out of the Jet Hangar Mirage. On a whim I brought it out on one of my practice days and to my surprise I was able to get a full competition routine out of it. So, I immediately changed my focus in that direction. We did have to keep tabs on my time aloft, but it worked out great.

I have a different setup in mind for the Scale Masters Championships that should help get some additional endurance out of the airplane and also save some additional weight.

I just wanted to say thanks to you and Airtronics for the support. Let’s see if we can give them a good run at the Championships!


(Note that several Airtronics Members Qualified and/or placed at this event including Tim Cardin, David Lloyd and his Son too! Congrats to all of the competitors and to the Hemet club for hosting the Qualifier again this year.)


David Klein Set F3B Record Flying the SD-10G Radio!

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David Klein – Team Airtronics Member –  Sets Record.

Radio of Choice? -SD-10G

David Klein F3B Record Holder, with Freestyler 4 and Airtronics SD-10G Radio

David Klein F3B Record Holder, with Freestyler 4 and Airtronics SD-10G Radio

From David:

I thought I would shoot you a quick summary from the weekend. It was insane.

This was the third year for the Gator F3B contest held in Cocoa Florida March 1st-3rd. It was the second year in a row that it was the first contest of the world cup series. Attendance was up this year, with teams from Germany and Chile, as well as the US F3B team; 23 pilots total. All of our practice paid off as the US team did well flying distance, and I was lucky enough to finish first after 6 full rounds and an additional speed round. Other highlights included smashing the previous world record for F3B speed set by Pasi Väisänen in June 2008 of 12.68 seconds. I set the new record with a 11.90 second flight with my Freestyler 4 outfitted with 6x 94761 servos and a 10 channel FHSS-3 receiver. Dillon Graves won the sportsman classification of the event flying my old Freestyler 4.

So a big win and a new World Record for Team Airtronics

Thank you guys for all of the support!

David Klein

IMG_7972 IMG_7968 IMG_7967 IMG_7966 IMG_7963

Team Airtronics Wins at Basin Racing

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SD-10G choice for winner at the Basin!

Chuck Andraka and Dan Thordarson

Team Airtronics Wins at Basin Racing

Team Airtronics was represented at the George Finch Memorial Races at Sepulveda Basin March 23-24, 2013, by Chuck Andraka and Dan Thordarson. On Sunday, Chuck won the AMA 426 Q500 class, while Dan came in third and set fast time. The Airtronics SD-10G radio, with its extremely low latency in FHSS-3 mode, provides an edge in this high speed racing. In addition, we were able to call for several novices in AMA 424 and 426 classes, supporting the future of our hobby and spreading good will on behalf of Airtronics.

Chuck, Dan, and Sam

Dawn Patrol

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We just received this from Dan Egelhoff.

Dawn Patrol Western Nationals

Dan's Gee Bee Y flown with the SD-10G

Dan’s Gee Bee Y flown with the SD-10G

Just got home from the Western Nationals Dawn Patrol at Black Star field in Irvine.
My Gee Bee Y received 3rd Place in the Golden Era category.
I had a great time flying it with my Airtronics SD-10G radio.
It is powered by a Homelite 25cc converted weed-wacker engine.

Jeff’s New A-10

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Jeff Tolomeo just sent in this picture of his new A10 he’ll be flying for the 2013 season here in So CA. It’s a Fly Eagle A10, 92″ wing. It will be powered with twin K80 Turbines.

Radio of course: SD-10G with all Digital performance servos like the 94780 and 94820.

Look for Jeff to be flying this big impressive bird everywhere this year!

Jeff's new Fly Eagle A10 Flown with the SD-10G

Jeff’s new Fly Eagle A10 Flown with the SD-10G

F3J Competition 2012 – Team South Africa

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F3J Team SA 2012

F3J Team SA 2012


Congrats to the SA F3J Jr Team!

We’re proud to have so many top pilots from around the world choosing the SD-10G!



Message from SA Team Member, Craig Goodrum:

Hello Craig (Airtronics Team Manager)
Please find attached a picture of the South African F3J team. Our junior team took Silver at the 2012 WC, all were flying with the SD10G and the models were fitted out with 94809 and 94761 Airtronics servos. Without the support from Airtronics this achievement would never have been possible.
Thank you for your support

Ed Franz – AMA Nats Winner and Active Sailplane Competitor!

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Ed Franz Competing with his Airtronics SD-10G

Ed Franz Competing with his Airtronics SD-10G

1st Place - Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

1st Place – Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

1st Place - Ed Franz in 1/2A Sailplane flying the SD-10G Radio

Winners! 1/2A Sailplane

Ed Franz is one of the most active Team Airtronics sailplane pilots.

At the AMA Nats for 2012, he only had a few things to do:

-Event Director

-News letter writer


-Oh yea, and pilot.

In Ed’s words: “You think I would learn to say no….”

It would appear all that hard work and dedication to our hobby did not deter him from some great competitive flying. As it turns out Ed is darn competitive with any sailplane that has a motor of some sort in the nose.  I think his competitors think of him as a force to be reckoned with!

1/2A Sailplane:  1st
ALES: 9th
Class B LMR: 4th

His accomplishments and leadership are what makes us proud to have Ed on Team Airtronics. It’s one thing to win a contest (certainly nothing wrong with that!). However, it’s quite another to promote the hobby, support events like the NATS and organizations like LSF and AMA and still find time to compete with our SD-10G radio.

In terms of the equipment used, Ed had this to say about being on Team Airtornics AND flying the SD-10G radio:

“It is so nice to fly a radio that you NEVER have to worry about. I flew as far away as I ever have and never worried that I would go out of range, never worried about the transmitter not linking to the plane on power up. Thanks Airtronics for a GREAT radio!
– Ed”

I’m adding to this post. It seems Ed was flying a Hobby Club Reichard HC-MAXX. We got a lot of inquiry about the plane he flew!

Ed Franz was flying the Hobby Club Reichard HC-Maxx with his SD-10G to win the 1/2 Sailplane class.