Major Event Sponsorship

Airtronics Supports Modeling and the Events that help make this hobby great. And while obviously we simply cannot support every event, we do support many.

Please take a look at some of the events we sponsor.

Toledo Show. Along with being an exhibitor, Airtronics is a supporter of the show and it’s activities such as Their Academic Scholarship program, Scale Modeling competition, and fund raising efforts. Toledo is an AMAZING show and we are thankful that we are a part of this honorable RC event.

2010 F3J Team USA. Team USA Burnoski, Remington, Perkins are all sponsored by Airtronics and Airtronics is a contributing sponsor to the Team as well. As always, Airtronics is a supporter  of competition Sailplane flying.

2010 Scale Masters. For DECADES Airtronics has been a major sponsor of this event. This year is NO different.

We support Scale Modeling.

2010 IHLGF – Torrey Pines Gulls

This is the major West-Coast event for Hand Launch and part of the F3K team trials system. Airtronics is the Major/Main sponsor of the event.


It takes a lot to get to the top. Pilots from all over the USA competed to be on the USA Team. To run a contest like this, it also takes a LOT of volunteers. To support this event and the efforts of those involved, Airtronics donated an SD-10G (a 500 dollar radio) to the Volunteer’s Raffle. Thank you to competitors and volunteers alike for providing a GREAT event.

Warbirds Over The Rockies

The 6th Annual Warbirds Over The Rockies will take to the skies August 28, 29 & 30th at Drake Field, just north of Denver, hosted by the Love Air R/C Club of Loveland/Ft. Collins! This event culminates the end of summer with spectacular remote control model airplane flying that is simply not to be missed. If you enjoy not only the history of aviation, but the spectacular Warbirds that actually took part in the battles that you’ve been told stories about all your life, then grab your sunscreen, a lawn chair and head for Warbirds Over The Rockies, for 3 breathtaking days of non-stop model warbird flying, by the best international champions in the world of remote control flying. This event is truly a unique presentation of aviation history. It is a salute to the flyers, past, present and future who protected
American turf and values.

With over 135 pilots and 5,000 spectators, Warbirds Over the Rockies is a great place to get your name/products in front of a lot of people. Please contact Airtronics Pilot Brian O’Meara (phone: 720-937-3944)
for details/options.

Rocky Mountain Soaring Association is hosting the US F3J Team Selections in Denver over three days on September 5 through 7

The F3J Team Selections is a huge event and the best of the best in the USA will be competing. To run the event it takes a HUGE amount of volunteers. And not just people to take up space, etc, but people who understand sailplane competition.

From Hal Remington: We will need a minimum of 15 volunteers per shift.  So hurry up and sign up now and don’t miss out on a chance to see some of the world’s best soaring pilots competing for the privilege of making the United States F3J Team. You can signup and read more details about the volunteer schedule and raffle by clicking here:

Airtronics is supporting this effort with donations to the volunteer’s raffle. It’s a great event and we appreciate the hardwork it takes to run an event like this! Good luck to everyone and GO TEAM USA!

Team Airtronics on F3B Team – Go Team USA!

The F3B World Championships fast approach. And Hobby People and Airtronics are sponsors. Why? In part, we love competition and soaring (Airtronics is born from soaring, just like Saab is born from jets!). But this year, we have people on the Team!

If you don’t know much about F3B competition, this website explains it all too. Talk about impressive. If you think gliders are boring or slow, you really should take a close look at what these guys are doing with what is possibly the most advanced airframes in our hobby.

Check it out

Team F3B Website

Check out their website, enter the raffle, support the team – GO TEAM USA!

Rhinebeck Jamboree

Sept 12 and 13, 2009
This is an amazing scale event, where the full size and scale R/C models are hard to tell apart because the construction is the same, the scale detailing is amazing, and in some cases the planes are almost the same size.

Many Airtronics Pilots will be there including one of last year’s winners, Stan Kulesa

If you have the chance to go, do NOT Miss this great event!


Scale Masters

Here’s a little History from their Website:
The Scale Masters Program was started in 1980 as the brainchild of Mr. Harris Lee from California. The first event was initially put into action that same year by the Scale Squadron of Southern California at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley. It has been rotated around much of the United States ever since to help provide opportunity for contestants and spectators to experience this Championship Event. Since its inception, the Scale Masters Program has become the longest consecutively held RC scale championship program in the United States. In addition to the 22 regional contests throughout the United States, it is no surprise it has also repeatedly attracted international participation as well. By entering a regional contest and finishing in the top 30% in Expert class and in Team class, a contestant is then “Qualified” to compete at the annual Scale Masters National Championship Event. This approach is different than other Scale Events in that it is not invitational (you have to know somebody) or just show up with your plane, you have to “earn your right to fly” in this event. So these “best of the best competitors” each year provides a unique environment for all competitors and wonder filled spectators. Be sure and thank our sponsors who make this event possible. Purchasing their products ensures they will continue to grow their business plus helps them continue their support for the Masters.

NAMBA Boat Gas/Nitro Nationals
Announcing the 38th Annual North American Model Boat Association (NAMBA) National Championships.

Approximately 200 expert-level competitors entering nearly 1000 boats competing in 37 classes over an 8 day period will travel from around the world to compete for this year’s National Championship.

Airtronics has sponsored the NAMBA Nats with product and donations in an effort to support this ongoing great event, that’s pushing 40 years old! That’s a TON of boat racing!

Warbirds Over Delaware

This event attracts major scale competitors from all over the country including Team Pilots like Nick Ziroli.
From their website:
We are proud to host the “Warbirds Over Delaware” Event every summer!

For over 16 years the Delaware R/C Club has sponsored this warbirds event which attracts modelers from all over the country!

From vintage WWI aircraft to modern jet fighters you will be sure to experience the thrill of it all!


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