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Meet the Airtronics Staff: Jack Albrecht

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Jack, the GURU of Airtronics, just sent this pic through. He tells me he’s been mostly flying 60 size E-powered aircraft these days.

Jack mans the tech-help 800 line. If you need programming advice, he’s your man.

So, when you call the 800 number not only do you get a hobbyist with DECADES of R/C experience, but you get one who has a HUGE wealth of Airtronics-specific Radio knowledge who’s out there flying some of the latest technology in the industry today.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Jack for being on the Team and for staying with Airtronics through all the years!

Jack's Extra 300 Electric

Jack's Extra 300 Electric


Oxidean – Ocean Wave Boating!

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More AWESOME video of the SD-10G and tips on features.

This is at Gerry Yarish’s blog (Model Airplane News)

Caption from the video:

Here’s a quick and dirty video I shot over the weekend with the help of my good friend and flying buddy Whitney Philbrick. Whitney is an accomplished scale modeler and flyer and he is heavily involved each year with the very popular WW1 Rhinbeck Jamboree held at the Old Rhinbeck Aerodrome in NY. He’s also a died in the wool Airtronics radio user.

Check it out!

Also, here’s a video of Whitney flying a BEAUTIFUL Spitfire. And then making an emergency landing.

Spitfire Video

Whitney Philbreck PT-19 - Flaps Down- Final Approch!

Whitney Philbreck PT-19 - Flaps Down- Final Approch!

Joe Beshar, Airtronics Pilot, Published New Plane in MAN

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Look for the upcoming Model Airplane News Oct 2009! Joe has published plans for a sport, fun, good 1-st time scratch build EDF wood buildup flying wing! Looks good!

37.5″ span, 28.25 lenght, 367 wing, it’s an old-school delta/twin rudder model. Joe has had some sort of Strike planes around for years, constantly fiddling with different variations. This is new with a centrally mounted EDF.

Same magazine has a review of the SD-10G including a nice pic of Mark Atwood with the radio and his pattern plane!

IMG01225Check it out!