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AMA Nats

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Ed Franz and Don Richmond at the E-Nats

The Team likes to win. It is true. We are fortunate to have on Team Airtronics some of the most competitive flyers and drivers in the world today. However, Team Airtronics is about so much more than winning a contest. Our true focus is to promote the hobby for fun and competition.


One of those dedicated hobbyists is our own Ed Franz. Ed is modeler through and through. Last month at the AMA Nationals, Ed competed. But more than that he volunteered, providing his own leadership and organization skills to help his fellow modelers enjoy a fun and fair event.


Ed volunteered, competed, and even helped keep his fellow modelers informed about the event. Thank YOU to ED and everyone like him who volunteer at events from Fun Fly’s to the NATS across the country!


This is from Ed:

Hi Mike,


I survived E-Nats this year! Being the event director, Nats News reporter and photographer took its toll on me. We flew in a 115 heat index every day. I am glad to be home.

My personal results:

ALES: 5th place

28mm: 4th place

Class A: 5th place

Class B: 2nd place


Long week, but fun now that I look back on it. I sent along a picture that was on the back cover of the Nats News.