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Jeff Pfeifer – SD-10G and the T-Rex700

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From Jeff:

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November 24, 2009
This is a video of me flying my Align T-Rex 700N. The music was not my selection, just background music at the event.

Footage by: Andrew Heath
Heli: Align 700N
Radio: Airtronics SD-10G
Servos: Airtronics 94771
Engine: Align 91H
Fuel: Byrons Rotor Rage 30%
Gyro: CSM720


90MPH R/C Boat

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Bill Oxidean, with his M11X is piloting this TINY 2 cell boat at up to 90MPH

So, not only does the M11X work with boats, it works with really FAST and TINY boats!

In Bill’s words:

“I love whipping the M11x out, its like whipping out an ak47 while the competitors whip out a six shot 38 LoL..”

Bill, That is some IMPRESSIVE driving! That little boat has to be pretty ‘twitchy’ at those speeds! Also, Bill wanted everyone to know what’s in that hull!

BBY RACING Oxidean pro Rigger (boat  hull)

Airtronics M11-X

Airtronics servo
Maxamps 5250 2s  lipo
Novak GTB 3.5 system Novak 13mm rotor

Utah State Mod Buggy Champ!

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Eric Willardson, M11X driver, just sent this in to us.
My local track just held this last weekend the Utah State Off road electric championships.  The race had nearly 200 entries with drivers from California, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming.  I tq’d and won the mod buggy class in dominating fashion.  Here are some pics that were taken, thanks again for the support!

Utah State Champ!

Congratulations Eric!

Team Airtronics takes 1st and 2nd at F3B Competition!

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Team Airtronics 1st and 2nd

Kyle Paulson and Mike Smith both using their new Airtronics SD-10G take 1st and 2nd place at the California Valley F3B two day competition in Southern California November 6-7. Both Mike and Kyle can’t say enough about their new 10G. Kyle says with complete confidence, “Since using the 10G I truly have become a better pilot.” Kyle says he can perfectly dial in each mode with ease making him a more precise and competent pilot. Go Team AirTronics! (From left to right; Dave Klien 3rd, Kyle Paulson 1st, Mike Smith 2nd )