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Trophy Pics! Ryan Sweeps Nats with his M12

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Thought you all might like to see Ryan and his cars and trophies from his 3 race sweep at the Nats this week!

Photos Courtesy of Joel Navarro and RC Car Action, AirAge Media


F3J Competition 2012 – Team South Africa

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F3J Team SA 2012

F3J Team SA 2012


Congrats to the SA F3J Jr Team!

We’re proud to have so many top pilots from around the world choosing the SD-10G!



Message from SA Team Member, Craig Goodrum:

Hello Craig (Airtronics Team Manager)
Please find attached a picture of the South African F3J team. Our junior team took Silver at the 2012 WC, all were flying with the SD10G and the models were fitted out with 94809 and 94761 Airtronics servos. Without the support from Airtronics this achievement would never have been possible.
Thank you for your support

Skip Miller and Airtronics Win Cross Country Nats

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Airtronics and Skip Miller win National Championship in cross country race. Set new national record of 70.1, miles 6 hour 15 min flight one launch . 1st day went 55 miles accumulated 125 miles. Second place was 48 miles accumulated (10 1st 38 second. Airtronics trounced the competition


Skip Miller with his Cross Country Team and Airtronics SD10G

Skip Miller with his Cross Country Team and Airtronics SD10G

Father Son Team going to the World Championships!

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Kyle Paulson and his son Kyler are heading off to the first ever F3F World Championships this fall in Germany. Kyle and his son Kyler have been racing F3F together for quite a long tim now and they are part of the 2012 US F3F Team. Kyler made the team as the Junior Pilot. Kyler competes with the men… the men! He is fast and has a great chance of winning the junior division at the Worlds.


Kyler is very excited as he is now a Airtronics Team Pilot looking forward to a great adventure in Germany with his dad. Kyle and Kyler are two peas in a pod and love flying RC together. Wish them luck at the WC!

The Parenti’s and Team Airtronics at the Mint Julep Scale Masters Qualifier

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This just in from Hal Parenti

“Just returned from the 40th Annual Mint Julep Scale meet, where I was fortunate enough to take first place in Designer Scale, and my son Gary received the Best Civilian Aircraft award. The contest went well, the weather was great!”

Congrats to Gary and Hal. Spectacular models!  And Thank you for flying the Airtronics SD-10G!

Lee Rice Wins Big at Top Gun

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To many scale modelers a Top Gun win is as important as a Nats win or a Scale Masters win. The competition is fierce and the quality of the models are simply amazing.

Airtronics Pilot Lee Rice is no stranger to Top Gun as he’s an avid modeler and has attended and participated before. But this year, he went down with a serious competitor and was honored with some great recognition. We could not be prouder!

Lee brought home trophies for 3rd place in Expert and best World War II Performance. That’s saying something when you consider the number and quality of warbirds that attend Top Gun every year!

Congratulations to Lee and his award winning Corsair, flown of course by the Airtronics SD-10G

Greg Meierhoff – Congrats!

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Greg emailed us this week with this great pic and some great news!

At the District 7 NSRCA Championships for 2011. Greg won all six rounds in intermediate. In understated fashion, Greg commented: “Nice weekend.”

His SD-10G performed flawlessly and Great had a great time.

Greg showing off his beautiful winning pattern ship with his award and SD-10G!

Greg showing off his beautiful winning pattern ship with his award and SD-10G!

I also wanted to point out Greg was instrumental in getting us another Single Stick/Foot Pedel setup for an RC pilot who only has use of one arm. Similar to the RDS8000 we set up for John Greenshields , this new SD-10G is spectacular with it’s single stick knob for control. Our service staff diligently on this project and I think it’s paid off!

The foot pedal is connected to a lead we extended out of the bottom of the radio. Next to it is a switch. If the pilot wants, he can flip the switch and the left stick will work as normal. Or, he flips the switch the other way and the pedal and the right stick “rudder knob” is actuated.

And if the pilot wants to later, the knob can even be removed and the radio can work as normal.