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Win a FREE Airtronics Radio from Hobby People

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Free is always good. Hobby People is having a Photo contest and they’re giving away an Airtronics radio to the winner.

Act FAST, Time is almost up. Photo must be posted to the Facebook page by the 19th (Dec 2010)

Check it out!



Congrats Ryan C and Ryan M

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2009 was cool, 2010 will be AWESOME

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Happy New Year! Truly we hope your families are healthy and happy and you’re having even more fun in R/C.

This last year has seen some INCREDIBLE progress from Airtronics and IMPRESSIVE achievements from THE TEAM!

The fastest 10ch Aircraft radio and the fastest Surface radio along with some awesome servos like the 94780M were released this year.

We also released the most affordable National Brand full-range pistol Grip computer radio. A radio with full range for cars and BOATS.

The TEAM had some welcome additions (too many list them all here!) like Ryan Maifield. And these Competitors did things like win multiple ROAR national titles. The SD-10G is supporting ALL 3 members of Team USA at the WORLDS. Indeed we have an IMPRESSIVE team of professional, decent team members who promote competition, the hobby in General, and represent Airtronics with class and style at their local clubs and tracks.

As good as 2009 was for Airtronics, 2010 is promising to DRAWF 2009 both in achievements and New Releases.

When we released the M11X and SD-10G, it became CLEAR that we needed a full range of digital servos. From the most affordable, to the most specialized, Airtronics users need digital servos that can truly take advantage of the speed and accuracy of digital 2.4GHZ radios.

We ended 2009 with effectively 6 digital servos. On January 1st, we’ve added 9 new servos. From digital micros to high speed tail rotor servos, from FAST mini servos to HIGH POWER minis to replace the old 94141 series, these new servos make digitals affordable. They ARE priced like their ANALOG counterparts!

By April, we’ll have 24 digitals in all making the lineup very complete. Along with affordable small and mid range digitals, there will be some amazing SSR (more on that at a later date!) servos that take advantage of the new M11X receiver (coming soon) with 2.5ms frame rate making it TWICE as fast as its closest competition.

Also coming are 50 dollar full range receivers, new FHSS3 receivers for the SD10G, and SEVERAL new sport and mid range radios for surface and air.

If you have the chance, come to the AMA and see us! Jack, Craig, and a lot of the gang will be there showing most all of this new stuff. There’s a lot coming that will make RC BETTER and more fun and MORE AFFORDABLE. I believe that is a WINNING combination.

IF you are not coming to AMA, sign up on the mailing list at

We’ll be sending out the 2010 catalog and new servo list to everyone on the list! (note the website is still under construction. it will be fully functional in about 3 months. But even with that, there’s already a lot of info there)

For those who’re flying and driving Airtronics. THANK YOU for choosing Airtronics. For those considering it, there has NEVER been a better time to fly Airtronics and Get the ADVANTAGE!

2009 Summary for Two Active and Outstanding Drivers!

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First Up: Dustin Richards:
Richards 2009: A year in review

Dustin Richards at the J-Concepts Clash

Dustin Richards at the J-Concepts Clash

It was new Years Eve and all through the house not a creature was stirring but there was Dustin and he was gluing…tires for 2010. As this year comes to a close I wanted to take some time to go over what has happened in 2009 and changes that will be made for 2010,

In 2010 I will be running for

Speed Passion



Pacific Coast Hobbies

BC1 Graphics

Airborne FX

I will be privateering my chassis and I am not %100 sure what I will be running.

My race results start with the CRCRC Midwinters. I was in the B Main of Mod Truck, Buggy, and 4wd. I was 2nd in the B of mod Buggy.

After that it was the Michigan Off-Road State Champs. I was 3rd in mod 4wd and 2nd in Mod 2wd.

Then it was off to the Big Kahunna. I was 3rd in Mod 4wd and broke in the main of Mod 2wd after qualifying 2nd.

Then it was the Chi Town Shootout. I was 4th in Mod 2wd.

After Chi Town I headed out to Omaha Nebraska for the ROAR Off-ROAD Nationals. I was 4th in the B Main of Mod 4wd and 2nd in the C Main of Mod 2wd.

Over the summer I ran the Factory Tracks Midwest Series. It was 5 different races around the region and this is defiantly one the premier RC series in the country. I was 4th in Mod 4wd and 5th in mod 2wd. I won some of the events just not enough the win the series.

Upon completing the FTMS I ran the ROAR Region 5 Regional’s . I led the entire 2wd Mod Main until I was bonsai passed by Dakotah “the Phenom” Phend on the last lap. I had to settle for 2nd In 2wd mod. In 4wd Mod I was third.

I then ran 2 Halloween Races in one weekend. At the Grand Opening of the world Class Proving grounds in MI I was 5th in 2wd Mod and again on the last lap was passed by Phend for the win in Mod 4wd. I then ran the Halloween race in Ohio and was TQ and broke in the main of Mod 4wd. I was 4th in the main of mod 2wd.

Following the Halloween races I went to S&N Trackside Hobbies for the Wisconsin Off-Road Champs. I was 10th in Mod 4wd and in the B Main of Mod 2wd.

From the cold extreme of Wisconsin I went to Florida for the J-Concepts Clash. I Finished 5th in Mod 4wd and 9th in Mod 2wd.

After leaving my state of Ohio 16 times in 2009, I expect to make all of the races I went to this year again and maybe a few more.

If you have any questions or comments about my racing feel free to shoot me an email.

Finally I wanted to wish you and yours the Happiest and Healthiest 2010.

See you at the races.

Next Up: JP Richards

JP 1st at Proving Grounds

JP 1st at Proving Grounds

2009 Race Report

Well 2009 is nearing to the end so here is a recap on how my racing went in 2009.

It all starts in January at the CRCRC Midwinter’s in Ohio. I ran modified 2wd, 4wd and super stock 2wd buggy. I won the C in 2wd, was 9th in the B of 4wd and was 2nd in the A of super stock.

Next up was the Michigan off road state champs at Battle Front Gaming in February. I was 6th in the A of modified buggy. There were drivers in attendance such as Allen Horn, Dakotah Phend, and Jason Jakubczyk.

Next up was the Big Kahuna at Factory Tracks Raceway in February. I was 2nd in 4wd mod and was 7th in 2wd mod. There were driver in attendance such as Allen Horn, and Dakotah Phend.

Next would be the Chi-Town Shootout in March. I was 2nd in modified buggy, 3rd in modified 4wd, and won supper stock buggy. There were drivers in attendance such as Steven Hartson, Allen Horn, and Brian Mellow.

Next would be the ROAR Off Road Nationals in Omaha Nebraska in July. I won Super Stock 4wd, and Stock 2wd. Making that my 2nd and 3rd ROAR national titles.

Next is the Factory Tracks Midwest Series. This was a 5 race series that took me all over the region. I was able to make all 5 of the races. I finished 3rd in both mod 2wd and 4wd. I won some races just not enough.

Next was the ROAR Off Road Regionals in September. I was 3rd in modified 2wd and 8th on modified 4wd.

Next was the Halloween races at Proving Grounds in Michigan were I won modified buggy against racers like Allen Horn, Dakotah Phend and Jason Jakubczyk. Then in the same weekend I Won Modified buggy at CRCRC for there Halloween race.

Next was the Trackside Midwest race. I was 3rd in the B of 2wd modified. With drivers there such as Ryan Cav, Dustin Evans, Matt Chambers, Dakotah Phend, Chad Due, and Brandon Rhode.

And Last but not least the Jconcepts Clash. I was 3rd in modified buggy, and won supper stock buggy.

I would like to thank the following. With out them none of this would have been possible:

Dustin Richards
Luke Richards
My Dad
TQ Racing
Desire Power
Speed Passion
Avid RC
Airborn FX
Blue Groove apparel

I have recently signed with TQ Racing to run there full line of 1/10 scale electric offroad cars for 2010. Also with Desire Power for there Batteries.

My next race will be the CRCRC Midwinter’s in January.

Thank you all so much for your support. I am looking forward to another good year in 2010,
JP Richards

Happy New Year to you and your families!

The Service Team at ATX and Global (and Hobby People too)

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Post by: Mike Greenshields. Product Manager for Airtronics and Global Hobby.

Here at Airtronics, Global Hobby, and Hobby People, we work together as a team to give you the best service and products available. I’ve introduced some of the staff previously. Both Jack and Minh are already posted here and their credentials are impressive. Certainly I have a huge amount of respect for both of them and the work they do here at Airtronics.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the rest of the staff. These team members are all experienced in the hobby, use Airtronics daily, and enjoy what they do here. I am honored to be working with such a great group of people.

Tiffany K, a former Hobby People store employee, now forms part of the Etail phone department, and administers the manufacturer’s returns. She is currently upgrading her Z-Truggy with a Mamba brushless system, and also has an E-Maxx. And of course, is using Airtronics exclusively. Her 1st hand experience with building cars and entry-level helicopters gives her knowledge that helps our customers everyday with purchasing and product questions.

Eric B is our newest team member, and splits his time between answering Etail phones and email, and processing Airtronics service orders. Much of the time, if you email or call Airtronics Service, it’s Eric you’ll be speaking with.  He is currently building a big P-51 Mustang kit, and getting into helis with an EF Cypher. Eric enjoys the hobby and is dedicated to helping you with service and radio tune-up questions.

Craig K oversees the Airtronics service department and Airtronics Team member sponsorships, and is a large part of the car R&D team. A former Hobby People store manager, he is a long-time car enthusiast (both RC and full-size), and also flies a Cypher heli when not riding his motorcycle. Craig’s hobby knowledge is vast with over 20 years experience. He is our foremost expert on the M11X (Look for his ongoing postings about this amazing radio!)

Craig is simply a great guy to work with both here at work and at the track or flying field. And yes, he likes to go to Disneyland with his friends and family! Craig is young at heart and enthusiasm for the hobby is seemingly boundless.
Kyle G manages the Etail and Customer Service departments, oversees the order and service processing, and provides web-page information. A former Hobby People store manager, he has built and flown many planes ranging from Right Flyer-type trainers to scale aircraft including his favorite, the Fokker triplane. Kyle is one of the staff that ensures order processing is smooth and quick. He’s part of the team that work with our warehouse to ensure your Airtronics service and Hobby People E-Tail orders are processed so quickly.
Russ G is the lead airplane builder and pilot in the R&D department. When not in the workshop, he answers Customer Service phone calls, and processes Magnum engine service. In his off time, he flies his Model Tech 3Demon and other planes. Russ is very experienced with Airtronics aircraft radios such as the RDS8000 and has extensive experience with electric powered flight.

Farrell F, a former store assistant manager, is now the Assistant Manager in Customer Service, and is responsible for processing returns, answering Customer Service phones and email, and even performing some repairs. A long-time hobbyist, he drives several RC cars and especially likes flying his helis. He is knowledgeable with setup of both the RDS8000 and SD-10G in helicopters and owns a Hobby People Mystery, RCer Dragonus, EF Helicopters Mini-Stinger, and EF Helicopters Cypher as well as a selection of Align helis.

90MPH R/C Boat

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Bill Oxidean, with his M11X is piloting this TINY 2 cell boat at up to 90MPH

So, not only does the M11X work with boats, it works with really FAST and TINY boats!

In Bill’s words:

“I love whipping the M11x out, its like whipping out an ak47 while the competitors whip out a six shot 38 LoL..”

Bill, That is some IMPRESSIVE driving! That little boat has to be pretty ‘twitchy’ at those speeds! Also, Bill wanted everyone to know what’s in that hull!

BBY RACING Oxidean pro Rigger (boat  hull)

Airtronics M11-X

Airtronics servo
Maxamps 5250 2s  lipo
Novak GTB 3.5 system Novak 13mm rotor

Utah State Mod Buggy Champ!

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Eric Willardson, M11X driver, just sent this in to us.
My local track just held this last weekend the Utah State Off road electric championships.  The race had nearly 200 entries with drivers from California, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming.  I tq’d and won the mod buggy class in dominating fashion.  Here are some pics that were taken, thanks again for the support!

Utah State Champ!

Congratulations Eric!