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Families That Fly Together, Stay Together!

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We’ve got a lot of families flying together at Team Airtronics. The hobby is a great family activity and a great hobby for kids of all ages.

One such family on the team are the “Lloyds”. David, Dave, and Christie are all actively flying and modeling at their local club (VVRCF) and events in So-Cal! From pylon racing to scale, this is one active hobby-family!

In Dave’s words.. “The family that flies together, stays together.”. We couldn’t agree more!

These pics are from the Hemet Scale Master’s Qualifier, hosted by the Hemet club and headed up by Curtis Kitteringham.

The family, with at trophy, at the end of the Hemet Qualifier!

The family, with a trophy, at the end of the Hemet Qualifier! David won his category and both Dad and son qualified for the Masters in October!

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Chris Wolfe Wins Local Scale Masters Qualifier

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This just in from Chris:

IMG_8907 IMG_8905 IMG_8914

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to send a quick note about the Hemet qualifier this past weekend.

I brought the Mirage and pulled off first place Expert finish with it, qualifying for the Championships in October! 🙂 Static score was 99.25 with an average flight score of about 91. It was a fun weekend with some pretty good ATX representation there (there were 4-5 ATX shirts including myself).

I’m already planning the trip to Woodland-Davis for the championships, should be fun!

I had originally planned to bring the NTJets Panther and compete in Pro-Am Pro as I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get the flight time out of the Jet Hangar Mirage. On a whim I brought it out on one of my practice days and to my surprise I was able to get a full competition routine out of it. So, I immediately changed my focus in that direction. We did have to keep tabs on my time aloft, but it worked out great.

I have a different setup in mind for the Scale Masters Championships that should help get some additional endurance out of the airplane and also save some additional weight.

I just wanted to say thanks to you and Airtronics for the support. Let’s see if we can give them a good run at the Championships!


(Note that several Airtronics Members Qualified and/or placed at this event including Tim Cardin, David Lloyd and his Son too! Congrats to all of the competitors and to the Hemet club for hosting the Qualifier again this year.)

The Parenti’s and Team Airtronics at the Mint Julep Scale Masters Qualifier

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This just in from Hal Parenti

“Just returned from the 40th Annual Mint Julep Scale meet, where I was fortunate enough to take first place in Designer Scale, and my son Gary received the Best Civilian Aircraft award. The contest went well, the weather was great!”

Congrats to Gary and Hal. Spectacular models!  And Thank you for flying the Airtronics SD-10G!

Texas Scale Champion

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Team Pilot, Lee Rice just sent this in. Congrats to Lee and Doug Crumley!

-JUNE 2010

Lee Rice Wins Texas Scale Championships with SD-10G Radio

Lee Rice and Winning Corsair - Flying the SD-10G

I won the Expert class for the Scale Master Qualifier and the Texas Scale Champion

Flew my Corsair, using the SD-10G

Doug Crumley, Another Airtronics Pilot flew in Fun Scale and Placed 3rd using the SD-10G

Thanks for all the support

Lee Rice

More Pics:

Doug Crumley’s Experience with SD-10G

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SD-10G comments – They’re ALL positive..

This just in from Doug Crumley

Doug Cruley's Feiseler Storch - Flying Great with SD-10G

Doug Cruley's Feiseler Storch - Flying Great with SD-10G

I have just completed upgrading 4 of my aircraft to the SD-10G. I’m really pleased with the results and it was worth the wait. I’ve been an Airtronics flyer for many years and progressed from the Vangard to the Vision and then to the Stylus as each was introduced to the market. I took two planes to the local field last weekend for flight test and had a great time comparing features with the JR 9303’s of fellow Club members. The SD-10G is a clear winner.
I just finished converting my primary ScaleMasters aircraft, the Feiseler Storch, from the Stylus to the SD-10G. The Flap setup is the biggest challenge and duplicates the operation of those of the full size aircraft. Flap operation is conventional between the Up and Half-Down positions but as the Flaps progress from Half to Full Down, the Ailerons move down also, to provide a Full Span Flap. On retraction, the process reverses and the Ailerons return to Neutral as the Flaps pass the 1/2 position. Servo Delay is used, making the extension and retract times about 10 seconds. Elevator trim feeds in at the same rate. The resulting in-flight transition is remarkably smooth.
Setting this up on the Stylus was a major task. Jack Albrecht at Tech Support was a lot of help, but there was still a lot of trial and error before finding a C-Mix setup that worked.  I still could not tell you how I did it, and would hate to have to do it over again. The Stylus is a great radio with a ton of features, but intuitive programming is not one of them. Duplicating this setup with the SD-10G was incredibly simple. The C-Mix Display with it’s 9 point Servo Response Curve is brilliant and allows you to observe the control surface response as you adjust the control points. From what I see, so far, the SD-10G has more features than the Stylus and is far easier to use.
My only complaint is that I wish they would give it a neat name in the tradition of Vangard, Vision and Stylus.
The Storch will be flying in the Kansas City area at the Mid-States Scale Classic, Scale Masters Regional Qualifier,
August 15-16.
Doug Crumley
Wichita, KS
Team Airtronics

Lee Rice, RDS8000, Win at Texas Champs/Scale Masters Qualifier

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Lee Rice, Airtronics Team Pilot, Sent in these stunning photos from his 1st place award winner!

cale State Champion Lee Rice with His Bearcat Flying with the RDS8000!

Scale State Champion Lee Rice with His Bearcat Flying with the RDS8000!

See More Photos from Lee Rice and the Texas State Scale Champs (click here!)

Airtronics has a long tradition of supporting Scale Modeling  and Lee has shown how incredible flying scale models can be! And he’s done it all with an RDS8000! Not bad work for a 200 dollar 8 channel 2.4Ghz Radio!

Here’s the Specs on his AMAZING Bearcat:

Ziroli design modified
All built-up
86″ wing span weighs 32 lbs
Zenoah 445 twin using a zoar 23X10 prop
Gene Barton Scale Gear modified
Aileron servos 94452
Flap servos 94358
Elevator 94358 one
Rudder  94161
Tail wheel 94161
RDS 8000 with 92824 receiver

Here’s the Email I received from Lee:


Attached is a photo of Myself and the winner of open novice class and the RDS8000 radio.
I won expert class and was the Texas Scale Champion flying the Bearcat using an RDS8000.
I also won team scale class flying the Fiesler Storch for Ed Newman.

Thanks for all the support

Lee Rice
Team Airtronics