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NSRCA District 4 Regional Champs

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It’s official, the 2010 pattern contest season has been concluded!!  Well…for those of us in NSRCA District 4 anyway.

This weekend District 4 (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan) held their regional championship pattern contest in Hebron Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati.   This has become a must attend event not only for the D4 contestants, but for flyers well outside the region.  This year was no exception as we had participants from Missouri to Maryland.  The facility was excellent, the attendance was high, and the weather was perfect.

The distribution among the 5 classes was amazingly balanced.  It was refreshing to see a large group in all of the entry level classes.  Advanced had 10 pilots alone.  This is really the first time in many years that there’s been significant growth in precision aerobatics.  I attribute this to a few things, but 2 in particular.  One, the “fad” of 3d flying is starting to run its course, and many are finding the more objective competition of precision aerobatics more appealing.  The second component is cost.  We saw a variety of lower cost competitive setups this week.  Leading the way in that, I’m happy to say, is the ATX SD10G!!  There were FOURTEEN pilots sporting the SD10G this weekend.  With over 1/3 of the pilots flying the SD10, it was clearly the most represented radio system there.    I like to think the low cost of the SD10 has helped in creating a highly competitive, lower cost setup.

The contest was exciting in all classes.  Competition was tight and there was excellent flying in every class.   Sportsman, a class normally attended mostly by local club members, was especially competitive.  Three different pilots won rounds and the final victor wasn’t determined until the last round.   In fact, that was the case in 3 of the 5 classes, making the flying intense right up until the end.

In the end, Airtronics almost had a clean sweep winning 4 of the 5 classes (and taking a close 2nd in Masters)

Sean Atwood – 1st Place Sportsman – ATX SD10G

Michael Cillas – 1st Place Intermediate – ATX SD10G

Anthony Abdullah – 1st Place Advanced,  District 4 Advanced Champion  – ATX SD10G

Verne Koester – 1st Place Masters, District 4 Masters Champion – NOT an ATX SD10G…Lol

Mark Atwood – 1st Place FAI, District 4 FAI Champion – ATX SD10G

While the pattern competition was exciting and intense, this event doesn’t end there.   We also had an electric combat competition and an after dark Night Fly!   We had 14 combat entries flying 3 heats of 4 mins with points for time in the air, ribbon cuts, mid airs and a spot landing.  To say having 14 planes in the air trying to hit each other is intense, is an understatement.  Crazy is more like it.  In the end, 2/3rds of the planes survived, but it was Mike Mueller, an SD10G, and a 5ch rx that won the day with 3 cuts, one mid-air and full “air” time that won the event.

It’s unfortunate that this ends our season, but it’s a fabulous way to go out.  Fun was had by all and with all the excitement, I only anticipate that next year will be bigger and better!

Attached are photo’s of the victors and the whole ATX gang.

Mark Atwood